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Conference Pictures

Opening Ceremony:


Opening Ceremony Presided by Dr. Chui Sai On, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macao


Opening Speech Presented by Prof. Iu Vai Pan, Chairman of EPMESC IX Organizing Committee and Rector of University of Macau

Speech Presented by Prof. E. R. de Arantes e Oliveira, Founder of EPMESC Conference Series

Group Picture of the Ceremony Hosts

Souvenir Presentation


To Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of Macao

To Secretary for Transport and Public Works of Macao SAR (Dr. Chui Sai On Received Souvenir on behalf of Secretary for Transport and Public Works of Macao)

To Government Tourist Office of Macao

To Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau of Macao


To Companhia de Electricidade de Macau

To Bank of China, Macau Branch

To Science and Technology Council of Macao

To Macao Foundation

Keynote Lecturers:


Prof. W. X. Zhong

Dalian University of Technology, China, Visiting City University of Hong Kong


Prof. J. M. Catarino

LNEC National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal


Prof. I. Doltsinis

Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Prof. Y. K. Cheung

Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong



Prof. F.W. Williams

Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Prof. H.A. Mang

Institute for Strength of Materials, Vienna University of Technology, Austria


Prof. M. W. Yuan

Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University, Beijing, China


Prof. E. R. de Arantes e Oliveira

Instituto da Construção, Instituto Superior Técnico/UTL, Lisboa, Portugal


Prof. W. K. Liu

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL, USA


Prof. Y. B. Yang

Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


Prof. S. Valliappan

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


Prof. A. I. Tolstykh

Computing Center of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Prof. X.Q. Jin

Department of Mathematics, University of Macau, Macao


Prof. S. Cescotto

M&S - Institut de Mécanique et Génie Civil, University of Liège, Liège, Belgium


Prof. S.C. Fan

School of Civil & Environmental Engineering - Protective Technology Research Centre, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Prof. D. Camotim

DECivil, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal


Group Pictures:



EPMESC IX Keynote Speakers and Conference Board Members

EPMESC IX Keynote Speakers and partial Participants

EPMESC IX Keynote Speakers with Conference Chair


Closing Ceremony and Student Paper Competition Awards Presentation:


Closing Speech Presented by Prof. Iu Vai Pan, Chairman of EPMESC IX Organizing Committee and Rector of University of Macau

Closing Remarks and Student Paper Competition Awards Announcement by Prof. K. M. Mok, Secretary General of Organizing Committee of EPMESC IX

Prof. M. W. Yuan Gave the Remarks and Invitation of EPMESC X Conference in Beijing, China

Prof. Iu Vai Pan Presented a Souvenir to Prof. E. R. de Arantes e Oliveira; One also Presented to Prof. Y. K. Cheung

Prof. E. R. de Arantes e Oliveira Gave Some Remarks on the EPMESC IX Conference

Prof. Iu Vai Pan Presented a Souvenir to Prof. S. Valliappan

Prof. S. Valliappan Gave Some Remarks on the EPMESC IX Conference


Prof. Iu Vai Pan Presented a Souvenir to Prof. D. J. Han



Mr. C.W. Tsang from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Received an Award of Student Paper Competition of EPMESC IX

Mr. F. da Silva from the Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal Received an Award of Student Paper Competition of EPMESC IX

Ms. P.E.C. Seow from the National University of Singapore, Singapore Received an Award of Student Paper Competition of EPMESC IX


Final Program of EPMESC IX Click here to read

It is our pleasure to announce the final program of EPMESC IX. Authors and guests may check the detail rundown of the conference.

Presenter Requirements Form Click here to download

Presenter may download the form. Fill in with the equipment that you may need in the presentation and send back to us.



The series of EPMESC international conferences devoted to computational methods in engineering and science was created by a group of prominent scholars in the field: Prof E. Arantes e Oliveira, Prof Y. K. Cheung, Prof T. Kawai and the late Prof Luo Songfa. The first was held in Macao in 1985 and thereafter held alternately in Macao and a city in China including Guangzhou, Dalian and Shanghai. The acronym for EPMESC has evolved from the conference title of "Education, Practice and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering using Small Computers" to "Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering and Science". The conference has also grown from one attracting in the beginning researchers from China and Europe to almost all continents. The ninth EPMESC international conference will be held in November 2003 in Macao. The Conference Board and the Organizing Committee invite all involved with development and application of computational methods in engineering and science to participate and contribute to the conference to foster creation of knowledge as well as friendship.


Keynote Lectures
(Listed in alphabetical order)


EPMESC Conference Board

V. P. Iu (University of Macau, Macao)

Y. K. Cheung (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
D. J. Han (South China University of Technology, China)
T. Kawai (Nippon Marc Co., Japan)
E. Arantes e Oliveira (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)
S. Valliappan (University of New South Wales, Australia)
W. X. Zhong (Dalian University of Technology, China)

J. Bento (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)
S. Cescotto (University of Liége, Belgium)
C. K. Choi (Korea Advanced Institute of Sc. & Tech., Korea)
I. Doltsinis (Stuttgart University, Germany)
S. P. Lin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
W. K. Liu (Northwestern University, USA)
H. Mang (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
B. A. Schrefler (University of Padova, Italy)
A. I. Tolstykh (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
F. W. Williams (University of Wales, Cardiff College, U. K.)
Y. B. Yang (Taiwan University, Taiwan)
M. W. Yuan (Peking University, China)


Organizing Committee

V. P. Iu, Chairman (University of Macau, Macao)
Y. P. Li, Scientific-Secretary (University of Macau, Macao)
K. M. Mok, Secretary-General (University of Macau, Macao)

O. F. Botelho (Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau, Macao)
K. P. Kou (University of Macau, Macao)
L. N. Lamas (Civil Engineering Laboratory of Macau, Macao)
M. H. Lok (University of Macau, Macao)
I. T. Ng (University of Macau, Macao)
E. Pereira (Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)
W. M. Quach (University of Macau, Macao)
U. W. Tang (University of Macau, Macao)
I. M. Wan (University of Macau, Macao)
H. Y. Liu (University of Macau, Macao)
M. W. Yuan (Peking University, China)

Conference Secretariat

M. H. Lok (University of Macau, Macao)
K. M. Mok (University of Macau, Macao)
U. W. Tang (University of Macau, Macao)

All correspondences should be addressed to:

EPMESC IX Conference Secretariat
Faculty of Science and Technology
University of Macau
PO Box 3001

Fax: (853) 838314


Conference Topics

It is a strong hope of the Organizing Committee that both researchers, computational method users and practitioners will submit papers and take full part in the Conference as the interaction between these groups is of particular importance. Papers presented and discussed in the conference will form the contents of the published Proceedings.
In collaboration with an International Scientific Committee and with the approval of the EPMESC Conference Board, the following subject areas have been selected for presentation and discussion in the technical sessions of the Conference.

Papers in other relevant areas not listed above are also welcome.


Paper Summary Submission

Paper summaries in English should be two A-4 size pages in length, typed in Times New Roman font, size 10 to 12 points and of one and a half spaces. The summaries should state concisely the purposes, methods, results and conclusions of the work with supporting figures and references as appropriate. All summaries must include names, affiliations, addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail addresses of all authors. It is also required that keywords (five maximum) that best describe the paper are stated on the summaries after the author affiliation and before the paper text, on a separate line.

The authors are requested to submit the paper summaries either in PDF format or MS Word format file before November 30, 2002 through electronic mail (e-mail) to the conference Secretariat at


Please indicate in the submitting e-mail the corresponding author and his/her contact information (postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address) for communication.


Student Paper Competition

A Student Paper Competition is added to the program in this upcoming meeting. This competition would provide students a unique opportunity to present their research results before the international scientific community at a conference attended by leading experts in the field. Students are invited to submit papers that correspond to the topics of the Conference. Submission should be of original work, not previously published, and written mainly by the student; i.e. the student must be the first author. Students with a University (or equivalent) registration in 2002 and/or 2003 are eligible to take part.

The paper-summary requirements for contest submission are exactly the same as those for the general papers stated in the last section, except that an extra line stating "Student Paper Competition" must be added in the summary, right after the Keywords line.

Please note that upon acceptance of the paper, written submission of the full paper is to be accompanied by an official statement from his/her research advisor affirming the status of the student. The student must present the paper in person at the Conference, as both the quality of presentation at the Conference, as well as the technical merit of the paper itself, will be taken into consideration for the awards by an international panel of experts. The winners will be announced and receive their awards during the Conference.

Full Paper and Publication

The accepted full papers will be collected in a book entitled "EPMESC IX - Computational Methods in Engineering and Science" to be published by A. A. Balkema ( ) of the Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers ( ). All regular and student papers are restricted to eight pages. Papers of keynote lecture are restricted to twelve pages. The author instructions and required format for preparation of the full paper are available below for download. For your convenience, the Conference Secretariat has prepared an Author Submission Package for your submission preparation usage. Papers, complete with illustrations, references and appendices should be restricted to the specified page limit and printed on good quality white paper, to the same size and format as required. Please check your paper thoroughly after typing, especially the legibility of the figures after printing. As the final papers will be published in their original submission forms, authors are responsible for the quality of English of the submitted papers. Please check the following checklist to see if you have included all required material for submission.

Submission Checklist

Please package your documents with cardboard or other stiffness to prevent bending; do not fold. We request that you use postal mail services as appropriate and your package must be received by the Conference Secretariat no later than 15 March 2003. It is important that this date is adhered to as we are working within a tight schedule to ensure that the book is published to a very high standard in time for the Conference. Papers not formatted to the specified requirement, as well as late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Author Submission Package:

The package includes


Important Deadlines

Submission of paper summaries (2 pages) CLOSED
Notification of acceptance CLOSED
Final paper submission CLOSED
Early registration CLOSED
Telegraphic Transfer of registration fee 17/11/2003


Registration Fee

The registration fee covers the conference proceedings, banquets and access to all technical sessions.

Standard Rate: US 400
Early Registration (extend to on/before September 30,2003 ) US 300
Student Rate: US 150

Special rate of registration fee is available upon request. Applicants of the special rate must be from the countries or regions where have been categorized as "Low-income economies"or "Lower-middle-income economies". Successful applicants must finish the payment of registration fee by September 30, 2003. Details of eligible countries and region can be found from the website,

To inquire and apply the special rate applicable to you, please write to the Conference Secretary ( with details of your information; e.g. Name, country or region from, contact information, title of paper for presentation, the assigned paper number.


Method Of Payment

Please submit the registration form with your payment to the Conference Secretariat.

There are three payment methods available for your choices.

  1. Bank Draft: If you are not submitting your registration form and payment together with the full paper submission, please send your registration form and payment to the following address. Please make the Bank Draft payable to "EPMESC IX".

    Ms. Jennifer Aguiar, Bursar
    Univesity of Macau
    Ave. Padre Tomas Pereira S.J., Taipa

    Please note that personal cheques are not accepted.

  2. Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.): Registration (fee) to be paid through telegraphic transfer (or bank transfer) must arrive at the following bank account in US Dollars no later than November 17, 2003. Any costs for the bank transfer such as bank commission fee, tax and others should be paid by the remitter. Information needed for transfer is listed below. Please quote delegates' name and conference code EPMESC IX on all money transfer.

    Bank name : Banco Nacional Ultramarino, S.A.
    Bank address: Ave. Almeida Ribeiro, 22 and 38, Edif. BNU, Macao
    Account name: EPMESC IX
    Account number: 9002782045

  3. On-Site Cash Payment: After November 17, 2003, payment through telegraphic transfer will NOT be accepted and only cash payment in US dollars will be accepted at the registration desk during the conference period. Please note that we do NOT accept credit cards in any cases of the registration fee payment..



Rooms with discount rates have been negotiated with hotels located near the University of Macau for the EPMESC IX.  Participants are urged to directly contact the hotels for reservation through hotels' reservation channels (telephone, facsimile or e-mail ). 

Every effort is made to satisfy accommodation requests; however accommodation is confirmed on a first come first-served basis and is subject to availability.  The special rates are subject to the hotels'  reservation policies. Participants are recommended to refer to the attach files below for further details. Please be kindly noted that conference organizing committee has no responsibility on the reservation policy of each hotel.


Hyatt Regency (Five Star )

Home page: 

Room rates* and reservation policy  (Room Reservation Form)

E-mail for enquiry and reservation:
Ms. Gloria Lau,

Hotel ExteriorGuest Room

New Century (Five Star )

Home page: 

Room rates* and reservation policy

E-mail for enquiry and reservation:
Ms. Angela Ho,

Grandview (Four Star )

Home page:

Room rates* and reservation policy  (To be available once request through the following e-mail address)

E-mail for enquiry:
Ms. Laurinda Lam,

E-mail for reservation:


* 1 USD = 7.8 HKD = 8.05 MOP

For the other hotels in Macau, participants can visit the web site under Macau Government Tourist Office's home page :



Official Conference site
Up-to-date information on the conference is available on the following web-site:

Conference Venue

General Information of Macao

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