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Jungle Divas

Coco Lei (Production Chairperson)

A little shy but open minded, Coco is curious about everything and wants to keep exploring.

Carmen Lei (Managing Chairperson)
Carmen is always pursuing realism about time and the vestiges of memory. She believes in marginal thinking and is ready for challenges. She is always ready to live out the art of life, as a moderatist.



Ella Wong (Editor in chief)
Ella is humorous, outgoing, open-minded, real and personable. Her magnetic and carefree personality that seem contagious to people around her. She believes that everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness. Life to her means friends and family whom she can trust and who trust her.

Cathy Lai (Editor)
Cathy is a typical Pisces with 165 cm height and long hair which stands strong in resisting colour dye. SJP is her fashion icon.

Elmo Hong (Editor)
Elmo believes everyone should have a life like a piece of chocolate, yet with some lemon drops to neutralize, plus two or three slices of balsam pear, and finally 14 grams of pepper to make the life as colourful as rainbow.

Helen  Ji (Editor)
Helen is a quiet girl. She likes the gentle pace of living. Book, music, movie are her favourites. She has her own principles of life and always sticks to them.

Susana Chan (Editor)
Susana is an optimistic person who seeks natural beauty.She likes travelling and taking pictures of the things around.



Helena Lau (Art Director)
Helena is a typical Gemini. She looks cool but she is a passionate and noisy girl. She is curious about everything in her life and she loves new discoveries and sharing with her friends. A dog-lover, she believes dogs are human's best friends.

Elzira Jonas do Rosario (Designer)
Elzira is optimistic. She is a helpful person as well as a responsible person. She pursues excellence with passion and enthusiasm. "Nothing is impossible" is her motto. Besides, Elzira is full of love and emotion; she loves Ballet, photography, music, reading self-help books, drama and theatre too.

Emily Chau (Designer)
Emily loves to laugh and smile. She is friendly, enthusiastic, lively, sometimes emotional, romantic, energetic and usually full of life. She loves animals, the outdoors, and nature. Her dream is to bring love to the world: no war, no hunger and everybody lives happily.

Wendy Ng (Designer)
With creativity and passion, Wendy likes to work out creative ideas and share with others.

Wendy Vong (Designer)
Wendy loves everything that is beautiful. She is also outgoing and likes to make new friends and to try new things.



Sandy Choi (Web Chief Executive)
Learning is a life-long process and learning is everywhere. Including these 4 years of university lives, I gain myself 19 years of learning experiences in school. After these few more months, it is already the time for me to learn something new – something more practical in social life.

Anabela Yu (Web Journalism Editor)
Seeing and listening
Find pleasure with singing
Actually like drawing
Proceed on thinking
Continue dreaming
At times tired of talking
Anabela is telling
What she has been doing

Anny Leong (Web Journalism Editor)
Anny believe life is complicated. Once frustration attacks, you can choose either fall or stand. You fall, please fall completely. If not, please stand. And stand even stronger.

Judite Chan (Web Journalism Editor)
Spending her years at the university has trained Judite to be a more confident person with initiative.

Suie Wan (Web Journalism Editor)
Suie spends every second laughing, dreaming, exploring, and finding who she is.



Connie Lam (Marketing Director)
Connie is interested in developing her talent and skill in videography, especially editing. She loves to work in a team environment and also enjoys creating professional and creative magazines.

Angela Ip (Public Relations Coordinator)
Angela enjoys books, music, trips and photo-taking. She loves playing Wii with friends.

Chantelle Ng (Public Relations Coordinator)
Chantelle is a curious girl. She loves to trace the truth, explore the meaning of life and work with people to break interpersonal boundary to reap the fruits of collaborations. Graphic design is her favourite.

Karen Ho (Public Relations Coordinator)
Karen enjoys daydreaming. She takes challenges as a way to strengthen herself.

Micaela Pun (Public Relations Coordinator)
Micaela is tall but wanna grow more.
Micaela is lazy, but working crazy for more money.
Micaela is not perfect but trying to do the perfect.
Her motto is: Look Forward, Move Onward!

Roca Hoi (Public Relations Coordinator)
Roca is an optimistic girl whose star sign is laughter. Her passion lies in video production and public relations.