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The 4th APacCHRIE Youth Conference - “ RICH-E ”

The 4th ApacCHRIE Youth Conference will be hosted by University of Macau from May 21 to May 23, 2013 in Macau. With the theme of “RICH-E” for the APac-CHRIE youth conference 2013, this aims to provide a platform for participants in this conference segment to ‘RICH’ up their lives! The four letters of the word ‘RICH’ have their own meaning being Responsible, Innovative, Charming, Hopeful and in the end through this an Entrepreneur in tourism, a major factor behind tourism growth and development and a significant feature of successful leaders in the industry.

The Youth Conference will focus on the various aspects of education, training and academic development for the hospitality and tourism industry in this dynamic and challenging global environment. The Youth Conference will allow students with different cultural backgrounds to interact, discuss and exchange ideas, knowledge and practical skills.
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