Vídeo UM: Nenhuma Pandemia Pode Parar o Amor

The University of Macau (UM) has produced a video titled ‘No Pandemic Can Stop Love’ to pay tribute to frontline medical workers.

No Pandemic Can Stop Love

This used to be

a bustling city

but now everywhere is quiet because of a virus

The virus is tiny but it keeps people



Now communication is only possible

through the shield of a face mask

or the distance allowed by technology

Some people need to be kept in quarantine

because we hope to stop the virus from spreading

but there is one thing we cannot stop from spreading

that is love


as we see in the tired yet determined eyes of frontline medical workers

and in the caring words and deeds of our families and friends

With love

the cold of winter becomes endurable

This video is dedicated to frontline medical workers.

Link to the video: https://youtu.be/Vc8ASOSu9ig

(Ref: PPC/CO/050)

Source: Communications Office

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Communications Office, University of Macau

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UM Website:www.um.edu.mo

Publicado em 2020-02-11 18:48

UM Video: No Pandemic Can Stop Love

UM Video: No Pandemic Can Stop Love
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