UM organiza um grupo de acção para o controlo e prevenção de pneumonia

To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, the University of Macau has established a Task Force for Pneumonia Prevention and Control, with UM Rector Yonghua Song, Vice Rector (Administration) Kou Mei, and HSEO Interim Director Tin Kit Peng serving as the Leader, Executive Leader, and Coordinator, respectively. The other four vice rectors, in charge of academic, global, research, and student affairs, will be responsible for coordinating efforts within their purview. 

The Task Force for Pneumonia Prevention and Control held a meeting today (23 January) to review the implementation of the precautionary measures in order to formulate contingency plans. UM has already implemented various precautionary measures, which include enhancing education about anti-epidemic knowledge, enhancing hygiene practices on campus such as cleaning, and providing guidance for faculty, students and staff. In the meantime, the university is making arrangements to prepare for the mass return of students on 3 February after the Chinese New Year holiday. For faculty, students and staff members who visited Wuhan city during the Chinese New Year holiday, UM will carry out medical monitoring and track their health status.  

A  ‘Task Force for Pneumonia Prevention and Control’ webpage,, has been created. Please stay tuned for the latest information. For enquiries, please contact the following units: 




Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs (HSEO)

8822 8852

Student Affairs Office (SAO)

8822 4842

Registry (REG)

8822 4007

Graduate School (GRS)

8822 4898

Office of Administration (ADMO)

8822 8597

Global Affairs Office (GAO)

8822 4386

Office of Sports Affairs (OSA)

8822 4910

Security Centre 24h hotline (STS)

8822 4126

(Ref: PPC/CO/003)

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