【Notícias do WeChat】(Aberta todo o ano) Certifica-te de que lês esta publicação antes de visitar a UM durante as férias de verão!

Students are on holiday now! But UM opens all year round! Check the opening hours of the restaurants and facilities on campus if you plan to visit UM during the summer holiday! 

1.      UM outlets

The business hours of UM dining and retail outlets during Summer Recess (1/6/2018 - 15/8/2018) will be as below. 

Dining outlets

Summer Recess (1/6/2018 – 15/8/2018) Business hours

Fortune Inn Restaurants

Monday to Sunday 11:00-15:00,17:30-22:30

Pacific Coffee

Monday to Sunday 8:00-20:00

*Sandwich bar closed

Food Paradise

Mondyay to Sunday 08:00-20:00

*1/F Cart noodles closed, services will resume normal 11:30 – 14:30 from 13/8/2018

E12Red Forest

08:00 – 21:00

S8Red Forest closed from 1 June 2018


Retail outlets

Summer Recess (1/6/2018 – 15/8/2018) Business hours

Bank of China

Monday to Friday10:00-17:30

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

OK Convenience Store

Monday to Friday 07:30-19:30

Saturday & Sunday 08:30 – 17:30

*07:30-23:30 during 13/8/2018 – 15/8/2018


Monday to Sunday 08:00-18:00

Plaza Cultural Macau

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10:30-19:00

Wednesday、Saturday & Sunday休息

*Resume Monday to Saturday 10:30 – 19:00 from 1/8/2018

UM Post Office

Monday to Friday 12:00 -19:00

Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

* During summer holiday period, Padaria Da Guia and Luen Fung supermarket located at S8 University Mall will continue to operate at the beginning of June.

2.     Transportation Arrangement

Starting on 1 June 2018 and lasts until 15 August 2018. During this period, Campus Loop Shuttle Service is adjusted to every 15 minutes per run. The schedule is as below: 


Summer Recess

Monday to Saturday

08:00 – 19:45

15 minutes per run

Sunday & Public Holiday

10:00 – 17:45

15 minutes per run

Moreover, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) announced that the frequency of public bus route 71, 72 and 73 will be adjusted from the first run on 1 June 2018 (Thursday). Bus route 73X will be suspended from the same day. The above public bus route will be resumed to normal schedule on the first day of the new academic year. For detailed schedule, please refer to the table below. 

Public Bus Route

Revised Schedule during Sumer Recess


8-15 mins/run


10-18 mins/run


8-15 mins/run





3.      Computer Room Service

In order to perform computer operating system reinstallation, application software upgrade and room environment deep cleaning work, ICTO computer room service, ICTO service counter in Learning Commons at Central Teaching Building (E6), notebook computer loan service and personal multimedia computer rooms will be temporarily suspended during the summer recess from 4 June, 2018 (Monday) to 12 August, 2018 (Sunday). 

During this period, users can still use the virtual computer room to get access to the software licensed to the University on their own computers anywhere via Internet. For more information, please refer to the service page:


Moreover, users can also use the fast access computers located at G/F and 1/F of Central Teaching Building (E6) Learning Commons for printing purpose.

Should you have any enquiries and any special needs of ICTO computer room, please do not hesitate to contact Help Desk at 8822 8600


4.     Library

The opening hours of library will remain unchanged. It opens from 8am to 12pm.


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UM opens all year round

UM opens all year round
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