International Internet Research Conference

The 1st International Conference on ochInformation Statistics of the Internet: Measurement, Analysis and Applications, organized by Asia Pacific Internet Research Alliance and hosted by the University of Macau, Macau Network Information Center and City University of Hong Kong, will be held in Macao and Hong Kong between August 19 and 20, 2004. More than thirty scholars and experts from the fields of Internet research and applications from Asia-Pacific regions will attend the conference and present the Internet usage reports and research papers.

The first day meeting of the conference will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the STDM Auditorium of University of Macau International Library and the second day meeting will be held at the Theatre Lecture 4 of City University of Hong Kong.

The morning session of the Macao section will cover country/regional Internet survey reports on the topics of Internet adoption, use behavior, differences between users and non-users, the impact of the Internet on people’s behaviors and attitudes from Chinese mainland, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

In addition, the afternoon session will present the theme papers on applications and analysis of Internet usage research, including Integration and Development of China Internet Industry, Internet Use and the Production of Social Trust in Macao, Measuring E-Commerce in Japan: Statistical Issues and Challenges and Online Usage based on Server-level, Client-level, and Browser-level Measurement.

The second day meeting in Hong Kong will cover the topics of Internet survey reports, measurements of Internet use research, real-time e-government, e-commerce and data mining and analysis from Internet use research.

Interested parties can contact Angus Cheong at 3974437, PR office of University of Macau at 3974335, Macau Network Information Center at 3974319, or visit the APIRA website: .

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