“Healthy University Week” Launch Ceremony

The University of Macau held the “Healthy University Week” to promote the idea of a healthy university. The opening ceremony was held on 22nd October, 2007. Nearly 200 people attended to witness UM’s determination to create a healthy university. Rector Iu Vai Pan expressed in his speech that the aim of a healthy university was to make all members of the university have a positive and healthy physical, psychological and social development and to create a learning, working and living environment which promoted energy saving, greening, physical and mental health and community development support. The series of activities only mark the beginning of UM’s planning of a healthy university. UM still relies on constant efforts in all respects and everybody’s active participation to improve the quality of life of the staff, teachers and students.

During the launch ceremony, there was also an award ceremony for the “Recycling Bin Design Competition” as well as wind music and dancing performance. All the attendees were given a pedometer in order to encourage them to pay attention to their health. The Healthy University Week, which will be held until 26th October, will hold a seminar about the relation between the sexes, a health and environmental protection seminar and a competition on knowledge about environmental protection. There will also be recycling, exhibition and photography competition.

Caption: UM's “Healthy University Week” Launch Ceremony

Publicado em 2007-10-22 18:09