Dean of FED Gets Taiwan Educational Award

Recommended by Taiwan's Association for Curriculum and Instruction, Professor Shan Wen-jing, Dean of FED, gets a Mu Duo Educational Award in this year's Annual Meeting of Taiwan Educational Societies. The Award, representing the supreme honor in the field of Taiwan academic circles, is awarded to the outstanding contributor in academic research.

Prof. Shan has undertaken a number of research projects and has written extensively in the fields of curriculum and instruction. He also serves as a member of editorial committee of TSSCI's "Curriculum and Instruction Quarterly", as well as a member of Macau Curriculum Reform and Development Committee. He leads the research team to be engaged in exemplary case connected with curriculum research on primary and secondary schools. In addition, he does his utmost to do research on Macau curriculum and instruction history which will in turn help to bring about academic exchange on curriculum and instruction in the Chinese region. Therefore, Prof. Shan becomes the winner of Wu Duo Award this year.

Publicado em 2007-10-31 09:53