UM Holds University Assembly Meeting 2007/2008 Chief Executive and UA Members Fully Support UM’s Development Plan

The University Assembly Meeting of the University of Macau (UM) in the 2007/2008 academic year has been held at UM on 13 Jun. The Chancellor of UM, Chair of the University Assembly and Chief Executive of Macao SAR, Mr. Ho Hau Wah, presided over the meeting. He expressed the Macao SAR Government will support the campus development plan of the University with all its strength under permitted conditions. The Assembly members acknowledged the recent development and achievements of the University with acclaim while providing valuable advices.


The University Assembly is the supreme consultative organ of UM, responsible for hearing the annual report presented by the Rector, advising on the general direction and development plans of UM and enhancing UM’s reputation in the community. During the meeting, Rector Prof. Iu Vai Pan presented the annual report of the University and the five-year plan drafted on the basis of the 10-Year Development Strategy. Mr. Ho Hau Wah said that, in view of the limited space of UM’s campus, the Macao SAR Government is actively studying how to allot suitable land near the campus to fulfill the University’s short-term need.


Regarding the development of UM, the Assembly members also gave various valuable and constructive advices, expressing their expectations for a prosperous future of the University.


The Assembly members present at the meeting included Ng Fok, Zhou Li Gao, Lam Kam Seng, Maria Edith da Silva, António Ferreira, Susana Chou, Leong Vai Tac, Joaquim Jorge Perestrelo Neto Valente, Ho Iat Seng, Vong Fong Va, D. José Lai, Liu Chak Wan, Peter Cheng, Tse Chi Wai, Lei Pui Lam, Wong Chong Fat, Iu Vai Pan, Rui Paulo Martins, Lai Iat Long, Ao Peng Kong and Xu Teng. Members of the University Council were also invited to the UA meeting.


Caption: UM Holds University Assembly Meeting 2007/2008

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