Chui Sai On Banquets University Assembly Council Members of UM Iu Vai Pan’s Efforts and Contributions to UM Acknowledged

Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr. Chui Sai On banqueted the members of the University Assembly and the University Council of the University of Macau on 13 Jun. During the dinner, Dr. Chui thanked the outgoing Rector of UM Prof. Iu Vai Pan for his nine-year dedication and contributions to the University. He also noted that the Government will continue to support the development of UM, strengthening its independence, and enhancing its internationalized level.

Dr. Chui said that, since he took the helm of the University, Prof. Iu has been active, earnest and fully committed, striving to move UM towards a modern and internationalized university equipped with advanced governing system, a university that is able to keep abreast of the times, face up to the international challenges and fuel the local development. Dr. Chui acknowledged and commended the professional attitude and cooperative spirit Prof. Iu has been demonstrating in his work. He also wished Prof. Iu more outstanding achievements in his future endeavor in academic and scientific realms. In addition, Dr. Chui expressed that the Government will continue to support the University in terms of policy and resources, reinforcing the autonomy of the University and creating necessary conditions for the University to carry out its missions, nurture quality human resources, enhance its international standing and contribute to knowledge innovation.

In his speech, Dr. Tse Chi Wai, Chairman of the University Council, thanked Dr. Chui for his long-term support of the University. He said that, as encouraged by the Chief Executive and Dr. Chui, UM has been striving for modernization and internationalization in terms of education system and academic standards. Specifically, it was under the leadership of Dr. Chui that UM completed the revision of the University Charter in 2006, enabling the University’s management structure and academic standards to keep abreast with the mainstream international higher education. From now on, the University will continue to strive towards this direction, especially for the conformation to the internationally accepted practices and requirements in the areas of academic programme and research achievement evaluations. Dr. Tse also commended that, during the whole reformation, the University, under the leadership of Prof. Iu Vai Pan, has overcome a lot of difficulties, leading to the present achievements.

To express the appreciation of Rector Iu’s efforts and contributions to the University during the years, Secretary Dr. Chui Sai On presented Prof. Iu a commemorative medal on behalf of UM while Dr. Tse Chi Wai an appreciation plaque on behalf of the University Council.

Prof. Iu Vai Pan said in his speech that he was thankful for Dr. Chui Sai On’s support both to him and to the University in the nine years, without which UM would not have become the first choice of the Macao students, or occupied an important position in international university organizations. Besides, he was also grateful to have the support of the University Council and the University Assembly as well as the colleagues working side by side with him. He said that it was the efforts of everybody that made possible the present proud achievements of the University.

Secretary Dr. Chui Sai On, Dr. Tam Chon Weng, Dr. Tse Chi Wai and Prof. Iu Vai Pan hosted the toasting ceremony, after which the banquet joyfully began and cheerfully proceeded.


1. Dr. Chui Sai On Presents the Commemorative Medal to Rector Iu

2. Dr. Tse Chi Wai Presents the Appreciation Plaque to Rector Iu

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