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Pin-To Book

by Helen Ji & Karen Ho



Pin-To book

By Helen Ji & Karen Ho

Walking up to the second floor of a building near Largo do Senado, probably the most crowded tourism region in Macau, you will find a place strongly contrasting with the outside atmosphere. Why? Because there is no bookstore named Pin-to in which you can find relaxation, peacefulness and serenity. There you can discover books, artworks and fair. Pin-to Book is a place you where can slow yourselves down and enjoy a moment of peace and the fairness of the life.

“Pin-to is not only a bookstore; it is also an art space,” Ms. Lei says, one of the owners of Pin-to Book. “Pin-to Book aims to show and promote the various lifestyles to the youth.”

“Great things come in small packs” is a compliment made on Pin-to Book by Goadmall, an electronic media from Beijing. Despite the limited space of Pin-to Book, different forms of artworks like exhibition, mini drama show, writer’s talk can be found there. As artists need recognition and support to enhance both their creativity and productivity, Lei says it is her pleasure to provide a platform for artists to display their artworks to the audience, who can in return share their opinions and feelings.

Walking around Pin-to Book, you will find there are some FAIRTASTE products. FAIRTASTE is a social enterprise which is a kind of company that operates not just for profit, but also for good social causes. According to Lei, FAIRTASTE and books can be linked together because they have the same social value. Sometimes, the public does not have a chance to publicize their own products, but when they encounter a product which interests them, buying it is a way to support the concept behind the product.

Spending time in Pin-to Book, you will realize Pin-to has a magical atmosphere which offers a sense of peace. According to Lei, she thinks that reading is a special and enjoyable activity; you need to be concentrated, staying in a quiet environment and finishing it on your own.

As the slogan of Pin-to goes, “plain living and high thinking”.