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Brilliant Star - An Amazing Discovery Since 1982

By Elzira Jonas Do Rosario

“With the vision of assisting students to reach an internationally recognized standard, our school received recognition from the Examination Board of the Royal Academy of Dance in 1998 and was authorized as the only qualified examination center of the Academy in Macau,” said Hong Peng Wa, the headmaster of the Hong Peng Wa Ballet School.

This proves that this school has a crucial status among the dancing schools in Macau and it has opened a brilliant page on arts and education in Macau. Each year the school organizes such examinations for the students to take part in, and the students are close to international level of other countries and regions.

The brilliant star, the Hong Peng Wa Ballet School has been shining in Macau since 1982. It is the oldest ballet school in Macau. It has taught more than 4,000 students during these 25 years.

In 2000, Hong was honored with the Social Contribution Award by Mr. Edmund Ho, the Chief Executive of Macau Special Administrative Area (MSAR), for the contribution of Hong and her school.

“Our aim is to foster the students’ interest, enlighten intelligence, cultivate self-confidence, develop co-operation, the concept of unity, enable students to learn physical body co-ordination, graceful posture and noble sentiment,” said Hong.

Hong’s principle of teaching and spreading the art culture makes their business prosperous. With their reputation, it is certain that this everlasting star will shine even brighter in the future.