Self-Guided Tour

Self- guided Tour Route

  1. University Gallery
  2. UM Wu Yee Sun Library
  3. Central Avenue (Faculty Zone)
  4. Lotus Avenue (Lake View)
  5. Avenida da Uniersidade (Wu Yee Sun Library Plaza)

Campus Map



‘The Wall of Wisdom’

In 2018, the Ministry of Education gifted UM a statue ‘The Wall of Wisdom’. The statue is inscribed with the five virtues listed in the university motto and the words ‘Great Knowledge’ and ‘Great Character’, two of the expectations UM has for its students. The statue also symbolises UM’s commitment to disseminating the fine traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese virtues.

E2 – UM Wu Yee Sun Library

02_libraryThe UM Wu Yee Sun Library has a floor area of 32,000 square metres. It has the capacity to hold one million copies of books. The design of the atrium makes full use of natural lighting, and there is a little garden on the second level. These designs aim to create a comfortable environment for reading. There is a colourful column in the middle, which symbolises cultural diversity. The round exhibition hall on the fifth level perfectly complements the square atrium, reflecting Chinese people’s traditional belief that, “The sky is round and the earth is flat.”

E1 – University Gallery

03_university%20galleryLocated next to the library, the University Gallery is an ideal place for university members and visitors to acquaint themselves with the university’s history. It exhibits historical materials that depict the university’s development over the past years.

E11-12,E21-22,E32-33 – Faculties

04_facultyThe faculties are within walking distance of one another, with separate vehicle and pedestrian routes to ensure safety and convenience. Different faculties are connected either by covered walkways or on the second level, with green courtyards on the lower level and learning space on the upper level, to facilitate teacher-student interaction as well as peer interaction.

S8 – University Mall

11_university%20mallThe University Mall comprises several restaurants, banks, a supermarket, a travel agency, a post office and shops, to provide students and staff with convenient day-to-day services. It is a main gathering and recreational venue for staff and students.

S9, W11-14,W21-23, W33-34- Residential Colleges

01_RCThere are ten residential colleges (RCs) on the campus. Students from different majors and backgrounds and in different years of study are arranged to live in the same RCs. Such a living arrangement enables the students to organise and participate in various kinds of activities together; to receive education outside of the classroom and achieve well-rounded development; and to grow into exemplary graduates with a cross-cultural perspective, a strong sense of social responsibility, good communication skills, and team spirit.

E31 – Student Activity Centre

08_student%20activity%20centreThe Student Activity Centre consists of two parts: an activity centre for students, and a theater. The student activity centre houses offices and conference rooms of the Students’ Union and its various sub-organisations, as well as activity rooms for students. The theater has a seating capacity of 250.

E3-E7 – Central Teaching Building

06_teaching%20buildingThe Central Teaching Building has the capacity to let 3,000 students have classes at the same time. It is where first-year undergraduate courses and general education courses are conducted. It also serves as a venue for after-class discussion and study.

N6 – Administration Building

07_admin%20buildingThe Administration Building houses offices of the university’s top management and various administrative units. Thermal-insulation glass installed at appropriate locations on the facades of the building allows one to enjoy the beautiful natural views from inside the building.

N8-N9 – Sports Facilities

12_stadiumThe campus has various large-scale sports facilities, including the UM Sports Complex with an indoor swimming pool, an athletic field, and outdoor sports facilities. The five-storey UM Sports Complex has a total net floor area of approximately 9,600 square metres. It can be used for large-scale events and performances.

N21-N24 – Scientific Research Base

09_research%20baseWith a gross floor area of 123,860 square metres, the Scientific Research Base has four lab buildings, which are mainly focused on the Internet for Things for smart cities, Chinese medicine, electronics and information technology, applied physics and materials engineering, energy and environmental protection, as well as health sciences. UM’s three state key laboratories, in Chinese medicine, microelectronics, and the Internet for Things for smart cities, respectively, are also located here. The Scientific Research Base strives to promote technology transfer and the incubation of innovative industries.

N2 – University Hall

9714a_Consisting of an auditorium with a seating capacity of approximately 1,000, a patron service room, a performance room, and a rehearsal area, the University Hall can be used for various kinds of events.

S1-S4 – Postgraduate Houses

13_postgrad%20guest%20houseThe Postgraduate Houses provide accommodation for master’s and PhD students. The area has a small indoor sports venue, an activity room, and offices for dormitory management personnel and student counselling personnel. The design of the buildings in this area is in harmony with the architectural style of the campus, while at the same time aims to convey the liveliness and diversity of student life.

S21-S36 – Staff Quarters

10_staff%20quartersThere are 16 buildings in the Staff Quarters, including management offices, clubs, an outdoor swimming pool, green space, and amenities for children. There is an activity room for residents on the ground floor of each building.