PR Student Ambassadors


SA is the abbreviation of Student Ambassadors. The design of the human-shaped letter ‘S’ represents the students who joined the PR Student Ambassadors programme and with the tightly linked star-shaped letter ‘A’, which means the PRSA is able to show their talent fully in this programme and become a highlight and a shining star in UM. This echoes the slogan of the programme ‘Let Your Talent Shine!’.

The programme has started to recruit and train the first batch of students on March 2010 and held the inauguration ceremony on the same year in November. The PRSA programme aims to seek, train and provide a diversified platform for students with guest receiving skills, hospitality knowledge, activities coordinating abilities, language abilities, photo taking techniques and multi-media application skills. The PRSA would help in coordinating different large-scale events and promotional activities in UM with their friendly image and professional skills as a PRSA. Hence, building up friendship and strengthen self-confidence of the students by increasing their communications among friends and sense of belonging.

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