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Time 時間 Today’s Events 今日活動 Venue 地點
09:00 - 18:00Photo Exhibition of the 30th Anniversary of the Faculty of Education, University of Macau (cont)
E33, Entrance Lobby, Ground Floor, Faculty of Education
09:00 “UM: Joyous and Splendid Campus” Photography Competition (cont)
UM Campus
09:45 - 17:05FSS-DEC Workshop on Economics: "China's Economic Transformation: 1949-2019"
社會科學學院經濟學系講座: "China's Economic Transformation: 1949-2019"
E21-G002, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
10:00 - 11:00FST-MAT Seminar :"Stick-breaking Pitman-Yor processes given the species sampling size" by Prof. Lancelot F. JAMES
科技學院數學系講座 - Lancelot F. JAMES教授
E11-1009, Faculty of Science and Technology
15:00 - 16:30The 1st Language and Culture Seminar Series: “HSK Vocabulary Outline” and Chinese Vocabulary Teaching
第一期澳門大學孔子學院語言與文化講壇 –《HSK詞彙大綱》與漢語詞彙教學
E34-G002, Cultural Building, University of Macau
16:00 - 17:00"Tea with Professor" by Prof. Chunlian JIANG (FED)
「與教授茶聚」- 教育學院江春蓮教授
E31-2004, Student Activity Centre
17:30 FAH-DHIST Seminar: Treaties in Danger? Contemporary Crises of International Order in Historical Perspective
人文學院歷史系講座: Treaties in Danger? Contemporary Crises of International Order in Historical Perspective
E2, Auditorium, Wu Yee Sun Library
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News & Upcoming Activities 新聞及活動預告 Dept. 部門
The final of China’s first inter-varsity competition in Chinese-Portuguese translation to be held at UM
MLC Lunch Seminar--打印和再造人體器官:不再是科幻﹗ (16/10/2019 Wed 13:00; 1 SP and 15 CS)
馬萬祺羅柏心書院午餐講座--打印和再造人體器官:不再是科幻﹗ (16/10/2019 週三13:00; 1粒至叻星及15CS)
Greater Bay Area Young Returnees Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (19/10/2019 Sat 16:00; 1 SP and 30 CS)
粵港澳大灣區海歸青年創新創業澳大書院論壇 (19/10/2019 週六16:00; 1粒至叻星及30CS)
Moon Chun Memorial College:“An Audience with Andrew Bernardi & Stradivarius Piano Trio”
2019 International Food Festival (23 October 2019, 16:30-18:00, E31 SAC Plaza)
2019 國際美食節 (10月23日, 16:30-18:00, E31學生活動中心廣場
Photo Sharing: 2019 UM Campus Cultural & Arts Flash Mob: "Music on Campus, Dance by the Youth": 2019.10.10 UM Dance Troupe dances in campus
相片分享:2019校園文化藝術校隊快閃計劃:樂韻校園,舞動青春: 2019.10.10 澳大舞蹈隊校園起舞
CKPC Inspiring Seminar Series: Title: Totem and Pets by Prof. Che Hio Ieong
曹光彪書院啟發講座系列: 謝曉陽教授之圖騰與寵物
Invitation: Faculty Perspectives on Learner-Centered Approaches: A Teaching with Technology Lunchtime Conversation; Wed. 16 Oct. 1:00 PM. Speakers: Prof. Patrick Chu (FBA) and Prof. Prof. Ying Wang (ICMS)
Drama Society of UMSU: Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th Anniversary of the Macao SAR: Drama Performance "苦盡甘來" (Date: Oct 14 & 15, 20:00, E31 Theatre) - Free Admission
澳門大學學生會戲劇社: 新中國成立70週年暨澳門回歸20週年獻禮——《苦盡甘來》演出 (日期: 2019年10月14,15日, 20:00, E31音樂劇場) - 免費入場
FBA Seminar Series No.3/1920 – Qualitative Research Methods in Business Studies 工商管理學院研討會系列 No.3/1920
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Internal Notice 校內通告 Dept. 部門
Seminar on "Sign Language and Its Applications in Education" by Mr. Kun Man YIU, Senior Programme Officer of the Centre for Sign Linguistics & Deaf Studies (CSLDS) of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong on Thursday 24 October 2019
「手語在教育上的應用: 跨專業手語研究的啟示」講座, 香港中文大學手語及聾人研究中心高級課程主任姚勤敏先生主講 - 2019年10月24日(星期四)
Reminder: Replacement of cover of drainage channel in carpark P2 and P3 from 12 October to 25 October 2019
提提您: P2及P3停車場排水蓋更換工程將於2019年10月12日至10月25日進行
Preventive maintenance and inspection for fire service system in first half of October 2019 - S29~S31
2019年10月份上半月之例行消防設備保養及檢查工作 - S29~S31
Reminder: Fire Drill for Postgraduate House (S1-S4) will be conducted on 12 October 2019
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Student Notice 學生通告 Dept. 部門
News Express: The final of China’s first inter-varsity competition in Chinese-Portuguese translation to be held at UM
External Activity: Macao Youth Volunteers Association: Exhibition on Volunteering in mainland China
校外活動: 澳門青年志願者協會: 慶祖國七十周年、特區成立二十周年暨山村志願服務十周年成果展
Morning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 10/10/2019
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