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Time 時間 Today’s Events 今日活動 Venue 地點
09:00 - 18:00Honours College 10 Anniversary Photo Exhibition (cont)
E1, University Gallery
09:00 - 18:00Photo Exhibition of the 30th Anniversary of the Faculty of Education, University of Macau (cont)
E33, Entrance Lobby, Ground Floor, Faculty of Education
09:00 “UM: Joyous and Splendid Campus” Photography Competition (cont)
UM Campus
09:30 FHS Seminar Series - "Towards Decoding and Restoration of Visual and Motor Functions"
健康科學學院講座: "神經功能解析和修復中的新技術"
E12-G004, Faculty of Health Sciences
11:00 - 12:00Library workshop--如何利用CNKI資料庫精確查找文獻、統計數據?
E2-G019, UM Wu Yee Sun Library, G/F, B. I. Room
12:00 - 13:30EU Lecture Series - Five Misunderstandings About The Netherlands
滿珍紀念書院講座: 對於荷蘭的五個誤解
W11-G024, Moon Chun Memorial College
13:00 - 14:00CKPC Inspiring Seminar Series Invitation: Entrepreneurship series- Catering business in Macau and the Greater Bay Area
曹光彪書院啟發講座系列: 澳門及大灣區餐飲業經驗分享
W21-G015, Chao Kuang Piu College
13:00 - 14:10MLC Lunch Seminar: Machine Learning over Social Media Data
馬萬祺羅柏心書院午餐講座: 社交媒體資料採礦與機器學習
W33-G046, MLC Dining Hall
14:30 - 16:30Personal Statement Writing Workshop
Registered students will be notified of the exact location via email
15:00 FHS Seminar Series - "(Pro-)Fluorescent Substrates for Oxidizing and Conjugating Enzymes of Drug Metabolism"
健康科學學院講座: "運用熒光底物在氧化和結合酶上硏究藥物代謝"
E12-G004, Faculty of Health Sciences
15:00 FAH-DHIST Guest Lecture - ‘Japan Ronin + Sino Ronin = Tairiku Ronin ?’
E21-G002, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
15:00 - 16:30The 68th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series – "A Journey to a Dream Come True"
澳大傑人講壇 (第六十八講) – 「實現夢想之旅 」
E4-G062, Anthony Lau Building
15:00 - 16:00SPC’s Seminar Talk on “Neither Hearing nor not-hearing: Living with a not-so-visible disability”
紹邦書院聽覺障礙主題講座: “Neither Hearing nor not-hearing: Living with a not-so-visible disability”
S9-G011, Shiu Pong College
15:00 - 16:00Library workshop--如何利用CNKI文獻可視化分析、知識元指數幫助科研選題?
E2-G019, UM Wu Yee Sun Library, G/F, B. I. Room
15:30 - 17:30FAH/PHIL Philosophy and Religious Studies Lecture Series - "Overcoming Metaphysics: The Fundamental Feature of Philosophy in the 20th Century” by Prof. Dr. Walter Schweidler, The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany
人文學院哲學及宗教學課程講座系列:"Overcoming Metaphysics: The Fundamental Feature of Philosophy in the 20th Century",Walter Schweidler教授, The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt,德國
E21-G035, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
15:30 - 16:45Teaching with Technology Mini-Presentations: Easy Active Learning Activities
E3-G033, BOC Centennial Building
17:00 - 18:15CTLE Teaching Assistant Training Workshop Series 2019: Creating and Using Grading Rubrics
2019 教與學優化中心大學助理工作坊系列: 如何建立及使用評量指標
E4-G078, Mr and Mrs Lau Chor Tak Lecture Theatre
17:30 - 18:30UM Mobile APP Development Competition-Competition Briefing and Introducing the Open Data portal
[2019澳大手機應用序APP設計比賽] 講解會
N1-Room 1004, 1st floor, Guest House, University of Macau
18:45 - 20:30FBA Activity: Gathering with Global Business Management Students
工商管理學院活動: Gathering with Global Business Management Students
E22-G012, Faculty of Business Administration
20:00 CKLC Art and Cultural Series: Chinese Painting Class (cont)
張崑崙書院藝文系列: 國畫班
W34-G012, Cheong Kun Lun College
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News & Upcoming Activities 新聞及活動預告 Dept. 部門
UM Teaching Excellence Award recipient to give talk next Monday
CKLC Greater Bay Area Study Trip Series: Visit to Shenzhen on Oct. 12 - Oct. 13 (Saturday and Sunday), 2019
張崑崙書院大灣區考察系列 之 深圳
Sports: "2019-2020 Macau University Basketball Championship" - Men's Group: 29 Sep (Sun), 18:30, UM vs IPM (Sports Pavilion, N8); Women's Group: 28 Sep (Sat), 11:00, UM vs IFT ; 29 Sep (Sun), 19:45, UM vs CityU (Sports Pavilion, N8)
體育:「2019-2020 全澳大學生籃球錦標賽」- 男子組賽事: 9月29日 (週日), 18:30, 澳大對理工 (N8 主場館); 女子組賽事: 9月28日 (週六) 11:00, 澳大對旅院; 9月29日(週日), 19:45, 澳大對城大 (N8主場館)
(Friendly reminder: 23 Sep., 4:30pm, E2 LIB Auditorium) Invitation to UM Teaching Excellence Award Seminar: "Connecting Classrooms to the Real World" by ICMS Prof. Ruibing WANG, Winner of 2018/2019 UM Teaching Excellence Award [1 Smart Point & 15 CS]
(提提你:9月23日下午4時30分E2圖書館演講廳) 誠邀出席 "澳門大學卓越教學獎講座":由2018/2019學年澳門大學卓越教學獎得獎者、中華醫藥研究院王瑞兵教授主講 "讓知識連接真實世界" [1粒至叻星及15個CS]
(Reminder) Sports: Volunteer Recruitment for "Charity Run of Caritas Macau 2019" (Activity Date: 6 Oct; Working Date: 5-6 Oct; Volunteer quota is on first-come, first-served basis)
(提提您)體育:義工招募 - 「2019澳門明愛慈善跑」 (活動日期 : 10月6日; 工作日期:10月5-6日;義工名額有限,先報先得)
Sports: Office of Sports Affairs (OSA) Monthly Activity Photo Sharing (August 2019)
體育: 體育事務部 (OSA) 每月活動照片分享 (2019年8月)
MCMC is delighted to present "EU Lecture Series - Five Misunderstandings About The Netherlands" 12 - 1:30pm Wednesday 18 Sept 2019
MCM College “Create my own signature soap”
MCM College is delighted to host Open Rehearsal by Clare College Choir University of Cambridge 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Tuesday 24 Sept 2019
東北師範大學舉辦:"2019 港澳-內地大學生冬季文化交流營"現正接受申請 (截止日期:2019年10月4日)
(Reminder) Sports: Volunteer Recruitment for "National Day Celebration March 2019" (Working Date: 1 Oct; Registration Deadline: 19 Sep 2019)
(提提您) 體育:義工招募 - 「2019澳人齊賀國慶世界步行日歡樂跑」 (工作日期 : 10月1日;截止報名日期: 9月19日)
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Internal Notice 校內通告 Dept. 部門
Year-end Closing for Fiscal Year 2019: Submission of purchase requests (PR forms) to ADMO-PCT (Deadline: 18/10/2019 Friday )
Reminder: Free Registration of 2019-2020 Winter Influenza Vaccination will end this Friday (20 Sept)
Reminder: Fire Drill for Student Activity Centre (E31), Faculty of Law (E32), Faculty of Education (E33) & Cultural Building (E34) will be conducted on 18 Sepetmber 2019
2019 Staff Privilege: Banking Services Booth by (Industrial & Commercial Bank of China) ICBC on UM Campus (26 - 27 September 2019)
2019 員工優惠 : 中國工商銀行將於澳大校園進行攤位櫃台服務 (2019年9月26 - 27日)
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Student Notice 學生通告 Dept. 部門
News Express: UM Teaching Excellence Award recipient to give talk next Monday
Az Leaders Workshop Series: Basic Illustrator Workshop (Registration at E31-2006, first-come-first-served)
Az 領䄂工作坊系列:基礎排版課程 (報名地點: E31-2006, 額滿即止)
Payment Period for Tuition Fees, Security Deposit and Student Medical Insurance of 1st Semester of Academic Year 2019/2020
Friendly Reminder: Registration of FREE Vaccination of Seasonal Influenza 2019-2020 (Deadline on 20 Sep., 2019)
溫馨提示: 登記免費接種2019-2020年度季節性流感疫苗 (2019年9月20日截止)
External Activity: General Association of Chinese Students of Macau: The 19th Chinese Calligraphy Contest for Macao Students
校外活動: 澳門中華學生聯合總會: 第十九屆澳門學生中文硬筆書法比賽
Morning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 17/09/2019
[REMINDER] Overseas Graduate School Introduction Session - The University of Melbourne, Australia (24 Sep | 1:00PM | E31-1002)
[溫馨提示] 海外研究生院簡介會 - 澳洲墨爾本大學 (9月24日 | 1:00PM | E31-1002)
Accounting Society, UMSU: Welcome Party - Accounting Wonderful Night (19 Sep, 19:20-21:45, S1-G015)
澳門大學學生會會計學會:迎新派對 - 會計奇妙夜(9月19日,19:20-21:45,S1-G015)
Industry Experience Sharing Session: IIRM & Event Development and Planning
升學及在職經驗分享會:國際綜合度假村管理 及活動策劃
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