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Time 時間 Today’s Events 今日活動 Venue 地點
09:00 “UM: Joyous and Splendid Campus” Photography Competition (cont)
UM Campus
10:00 - 11:00IOTSC-SKL Seminar: Deep Learning for Wireless Networks: Which Model to Use?
智慧城市物聯網國家重點實驗室講座: 無線網路的深度學習:如何選擇模型?
N21-1014, Research Building
10:30 - 11:30FST-MAT Seminar :"History of the Generalized Inverse & Linear Least Squares" by Prof. Yimin WEI
科技學院數學系講座 - 魏益民教授
E11-1035, Faculty of Science and Technology
17:15 Photo Exhibition of the 30th Anniversary of the Faculty of Education, University of Macau (cont)
E33, Entrance Lobby, Ground Floor, Faculty of Education
20:00 - 22:00CKLC Arts and Culture Series: Wine Knowledge and Appreciation Workshop (Lesson 1)
張崑崙書院藝文系列:紅酒知識及鑒賞講座 (第一課)
W34-G012, Cheong Kun Lun College
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News & Upcoming Activities 新聞及活動預告 Dept. 部門
Tsinghua University Party Secretary Chen Xu visits UM to deepen collaboration
清華陳旭訪澳大 深化兩校合作
Reminder: Commissioner General of the Unitary Police Service: Civil Protection Operations Center Sharing on 11 Sep, 15:30-17:00
温馨提示: 警察總局局長走訪: 民防體系介紹及交流講座, 9月11日, 15:30-17:00
The 68th Lecture of UM Distinguished Lecture Series – "A Journey to a Dream Come True " by Ms. Celia Lao, at 3:00p.m, 18 Sep, 2019 (1 SAO Smart Point)
澳大傑人講壇 (第六十八講) – 「實現夢想之旅 」 主講嘉賓:劉小媛女士, 日期及時間: 9月18日下午3:00 (一粒至叻星)
MCM College’s Buddy System and International Student Gathering, 2019
Invitation to CKPC Inspiring Seminar Series: Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship - the Foundation?
曹光彪書院啟發講座系列邀請: 創意、創新、創業 - 基礎呢?
Sports: OSA Fitness Room Users Introductory Course (1 hour) in September 2019
體育: 2019年9月份體育事務部健身室使用者簡介課程 (1小時)
Limited Free Tickets: “The Terrific 12” Basketball League, 17-22 Sep 2019 at Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion, Macao (free tickets distribution starts from 9 Sep, 10am, N8 G/F main entrance service counter, first come first served)
限量免費門票:「非凡12」籃球聯賽,9月17至22日澳門塔石體育館 (免費門票於9月9日早上10時,N8地面層正門服務台開始派發,先到先得)
2019/2020 2nd Semester Exchange Programmes are now opened for application (Application Deadline: 13 September 2019)
2019/2020 第二學期海外交流計劃現已接受申請 (截止申請日期:2019年9月13日)
Reminder: China Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao Digital Economy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2019 提提您: 2019 年內地與港澳地區數字經濟創新創業競賽
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Internal Notice 校內通告 Dept. 部門
Change of service vehicles of Staff Shuttle Services- Macau Evening Route A (18:15) from 9 September 2019 (Monday)
由9月9日(星期一)起,職員穿梭巴士服務(澳門線 - 路線A)(6時15分)之服務車輛將轉為可乘載70人之大巴
Reminder: Fire Drill for Faculty of Business Administration (E22) will be conducted on 9 September 2019
Recruitment Advertisements of (1) Administrative Assistant for Outlet Management (2) Administrative Assistant for Recruitment and On-boarding (3) Administrative Assistant/Senior Administrative Assistant for Space Allocation (4) Administrative Assistant/Senior Administrative Assistant for Staff Housing (5) Administrative Officer/Senior Administrative Officer for the Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office (6) Translator/Interpreter or Senior Translator/Interpreter (Portuguese, Cantonese and Mandarin)
Date Change: Upgrade of UMPASS Authentication System during 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on 13 September, 2019 (Friday) and 22 September, 2019 (Sunday)
日期更改:UMPASS 認證系統將於2019年9月13日(星期五)以及2019年9月22日(星期日)上午11:00 至 下午3:00 進行升級
Registration of 2019-2020 Winter Influenza Vaccination (Free of charge)
登記接種2019-2020冬季流感疫苗 (費用全免)
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Student Notice 學生通告 Dept. 部門
Recruitment Talk: PuQiang Shidai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Date: 10 Sep; Time:17:00; Venue:E4-G051)
Recruitment Talk: Zhuhai Zhengfang Holding Co., Ltd. (Date: 10 Sep; Time:13:00; Venue:E4-G062)
招聘講座:珠海市香洲正方控股有限公司 (日期:9月10日;時間:13:00;地點:E4-G062)
Recruitment Talk: Companhia de Equipamentos Master, Lda. (Date: 10 Sep; Time:14:00; Venue:E4-G062)
招聘講座:萬訊行綜合設備有限公司 (日期:9月10日;時間:14:00;地點:E4-G062)
Recruitment Talk: CR Sanjiu Co., Ltd. (Date: 10 Sep; Time:15:00; Venue:E4-G062)
招聘講座:華潤三九醫藥股份有限公司 (日期:9月10日;時間:15:00;地點:E4-G062)
Recruitment Talk: Shenzhen Jiaozhentech Co., Ltd. (Date: 10 Sep; Time:16:00; Venue:E4-G062)
Recruitment Talk: Guanghzou Hanfang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Date: 10 Sep; Time: 17:00; Venue:E4-G062)
Recruitment Talk: Zhuhai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (Date: 10 Sep; Time:11:00; Venue:E4-G051)
招聘講座: 珠海人力資源和社會保障局 (日期:9月10日;時間:11:00;地點:E4-G051)
Recruitment Talk: Foshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (Date:10 Sep; Time:13:00; Venue:E4-G051)
招聘講座: 佛山人力資源和社會保障局 (日期:9月10日;時間:13:00;地點:E4-G051)
Recruitment Talk: Guangdong Country Garden Bo Zhilin Robot Co., Ltd. (Date; 10 Sep; Time:13:00; Venue:E4-G051)
招聘講座; 廣東碧桂園博智林機器人有限公司(日期:9月10日;時間:13:00;地點:E4-G051)
Recruitment Talk: Jihua Laboratory (Date: 10 Sep; Time:13:00; Venue:E4-G051)
招聘講座: 季華實驗室(日期:9月10日;時間:13:00;地點:E4-G051)
Recruitment Talk: Guangzhou Nansha Youth Federation (Date: 10 Sep; Time:14:45; Venue:E4-G051)
招聘講座: 廣州市南沙區青年聯合會 (日期:9月10日;時間:14:45;地點:E4-G051)
Recruitment Talk: Innovation and Entrepreneurial Association of Huangpu District, Guanghzou (Date: 10 Sep; Time:15:50; Venue:E4-G051)
招聘講座; 廣州市黃埔區粵港澳大灣區青年創新創業促進會(日期:9月10日;時間:15:50;地點:E4-G051)
Recruitment Talk: Zhuhai Huafa Group (Date: 10 Sep; Time:11:30; Venue:E4-G062)
招聘講座:珠海華發集團 (日期:9月10日;時間:11:30;地點:E4-G062)
News Express: Tsinghua University Party Secretary Chen Xu visits UM to deepen collaboration
新聞快訊:清華陳旭訪澳大 深化兩校合作
Reminder: "The First Career and Internship Fair for University Students in Macau"(Date: 11 Sep, Time:11:00, Venue: UM, N1 Banquet Hall)
溫馨提示:「追夢灣區,展翅澳翔 - 首屆澳門大學生就業實習雙選會」(日期:9月11日,時間:11:00,地點:澳大N1宴會廳)
External Activity: DSES: Competition of Campus Promotion Program on Consitution and Basic Law (Deadline for Application: Sep 20)
校外活動: 高等教育局: 「憲法與基本法校園推廣計劃比賽」(截止報名日期: 9月20日)
External Activity: Caritas Macau: Volunteers Recruitment for Bazaar (Deadline for application: Oct 19)
校外活動: 澳門明愛: 招募園遊會安全糾察義工 (截止報名日期: 10月19日)
Morning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 06/09/2019
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