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09:00 Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programmes 2020/2021 by Direct Admission (Application Period: 02/12/2019 – 17/04/2020) (cont)
2020/2021學年學士學位課程招生報名:直接入學(報名日期:02/12/2019 – 17/04/2020)
Online Application at https://reg.um.edu.mo/admissions/macao-students/direct-admissions/admission-rules/
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Planning Your Assessment for Distance Teaching
優化在線教學的最佳典範 [博客系列]
Friendly Reminder: FAH-ELC Call for Application: Programme Assistant Position in English Language Teaching (ELT) at the University of Macau (Deadline: 11 March, 2020)
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Honours Programme 2020/2021: Open Application (Mar 9-20)
榮譽課程 2020/2021: 公開招生 (3月9日至20日)
Friendly Reminder: Beware of suspicious emails with intimidating contents!
溫馨提示: 注意含有恐嚇內容的可疑電郵,敬請小心!
Procurement Information: 1) The System of Registered Suppliers; 2) Deadline for submission of PR forms that require signing of notary contract
採購資訊:1) 網上「註冊供應商登記系統」;2) 需簽訂公證合同之採購申請期限
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Safe School Network Bulletin by Judiciary Police
Morning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 05/03/2020
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