Infographics on Coronavirus Prevention at universities

Please take note of the safety measures for preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus:

1. Good management of personal health
a. Measure and record the body temperature every day
b. Prepare a health code when entering campus facilities
c. Wear a face mask and use alcohol-based handrubs
d. Wash hands frequently and maintain good personal hygiene

2. Maintain social distance
a. Reduce crowd gatherings
b. Avoid eating at the same table with others
c. Reduce cross-border mobility

3. Use of campus facilities
a. Check out the arrangement for the facility opening in advance
b. Monitor the flow of people
c. Minimize sharing of equipment and utensils; wash hands after use
d. Keep the environment clean

4. Special circumstances
Notice the physical condition. If any fever or respiratory symptoms arise, please wear a face mask and inform the university staff, and see a doctor in time.

Source: Higher Education Bureau


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Released on 2020-08-24 11:34