UM Library held “Contest of Chinese Translation of University of Macau Library Slogan”

In order to articulate and convey the values, ideals and objectives of the University Library to the members of the university community, the library has created the following slogan in English “University of Macau Library – The Preferred Place on Campus – Information ∙ Interconnectivity”. For the sake of nurturing a cultural atmosphere on campus and encouraging thinking and creativity, the university library organized a contest of Chinese translation for this slogan.

Finally, Chong U Leng, Cao Haiyan and Ieong Sut Wai were selected as the Grand Prize winner. In the staff group, Chen Huanlin won the First Prize, followed by Tan Yan as the runner-up and Ai Lin Zhi placed the third. In the student group, Tang Shang En and Xiao Yang were awarded First Prize and Second Prize, respectively.

Release on 2007-12-06 17:16