Accounting Society of University of Macau Students’ Union Officially Inaugurated

The inauguration of the Accounting Society of University of Macau Students’ Union (ASUMSU) was held days ago at the STDM Auditorium of the University of Macau Library and Dr. Eliza Chan, Director of Leng Kuan’s Accounting Learning Center, was invited to present a talk on local accounting industry.

The establishment of ASUMSU targets to cope with the development of Macao and build up a platform for the students interested in Accounting to learn, to exchange, to cooperate and to sharpen their interpersonal skills, building up their social networks.

The Society would also be helpful to promote exchanges with other universities and organizations in the field of accounting, opening up more opportunities of exchanges, visits and learning for the students, and broadening their horizons with more information useful for their profession. It would also be helpful to enhance the bonds between the academics in the faculty and audit firms or societies of certified practicing accountants and arouse students’ interests in accounting. Through creating a healthy environment for students to develop, it is hoped that more students will enter the field of accounting as their professions.

With the guidance of the accounting academics in the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Macau (UM), ASUMSU will pursue support from the society to organize more student activities relating to accounting and exchanges that could contribute to the development of UM in their academic goals and foster the development of students.

Guests participated in the inauguration included Mr. Leong Kam Chun, Vice-President of the Union of Associations of Professional Accountants of Macau; Ms. Brenda Lam, Student Promotion Manager of ACCA, HK; Ms. Joyce Mak, Senior Education & Recruitment Manager, and Ms. Candy Chan, Members Services Executive of CPA Australia, HK; Ms. Jenny Yiu, Human Resources Officer of KPMG, HK; Ms. Queenie Chang, Principal of Audit, and Ms. Selina Ieong, Manager of Tax & Audit of KPMG, Macau; Ms. Ines Kwok, Senior Manager of Audit of Deloitte Touche Thomatsu, Macau; Ms. Grace Cheung, Director of Price WaterhouseCoopers, Macau; Prof. Michael Gift, Acting Dean of UM’s FBA; Prof. Desmond Yuen, Head of the Department of Accounting and Information Management, FBA, UM; Ms. Marion Chu, Counselor of UM’s Student Affairs Section; and Mr. Gao Ning, President of ASUMSU Organizing Committee.

Caption: Accounting Society of University of Macau Students’ Union Officially Inaugurated

Released on 2008-03-18 17:20