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Experimental Video - Guangzhou Art Exhibition

by Carmen Lei & Coco Lei



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by Elmo Hong



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by Wang Lin & Cathy Lai



Experimental Video - Guangzhou Art Exhibition

by Carmen Lei & Coco Lei

“Macau Art Video Work Exhibition”, in Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, mainland China.
University of Macau
Gateway 2007 Fall
25, April 2008
Works incl: All 5 experimental videos of UM Gateway Fall 2007.
Guangzhou Art Exhibition Curator: Bianca Lei Sio Chong

She gained Master Degree in Fine Art, Middlesex University in 2001 in London, UK; and BA(Hons) in Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University in 2000 in Nottingham, UK. And she came back to Macau in 2002.

She joined in Ox warehouse (Old Ladies’ House Art Space) in 2003 and worked as a programme curator since then. The curating jobs include “Talks & Exhibition” -Video Art Activities(2007), “Myth of Place” in UK(2006) and in Macau(2007), “Airborne system mode”- Contemporary Art Exhibition (2004) and “The City, the Community, the Images” Video Installation Exhibition in the Northern District of Macau (2004).

She is an artist also, and her artworks have been exhibiting in different places (UK, USA, Switzerland, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan).Experimental Video of the Gateway 2007 Fall had a great chance to exhibit in the Ucity Art Museum of GAFA, Guangzhou, Mainland China, on the 25-27 April, which was called the "Macau Art Video Work Exhibition".

Experimental Video was exhibited together with notable Macau artists such as Frank Lei, Wong Ka Long, Kent Ieong and Bianca Lei, etc. It's an achievement for the students, the Department of Communications and the University of Macau to had their works screened externally. 

Q: Why do you choose our videos to be one of the arts shown in GZ Art Exhibition this time?

B: The main idea for GZ exhibition is showing a collection of Macau artists’ video works. At the same time, I was thinking it would be a good idea to show the new generation’s video works. Last year, as one of the judges for Gateway 2007 Fall, I was very impressed by your experimental video.

Q: Do you enjoy the process of holding this exhibition? What make you impressive in this process? Did you encounter any difficulties during this process? How did you overcome them?

B: Sure, I did enjoy it, because I could express my idea through the show and simultaneously, introduce nice art works to GZ audience.
It was the first time for three local art associations (Old Ladies’ House Art Space-Ox warehouse, Cut Audio-visual association and Comuna de Pedra) organizing three different programmes together in a same venue. I was impressed very much by the cooperation. The difficulty about this show was mainly the communication with the Ucity of Art Museum of GAFA, as we have different points of view to organize an exhibition. The way to overcome was trying to understand each other.

Q: There are several drama-like performance arts during the exhibition. What meanings do they want to convey? Why do you have this kind of arrangement to have this kind of performance?

B: I need to clear one thing. There were three programmes held in GZ this time, including two exhibitions (Video show and Visual Art exhibition) and one performance. The several drama-like performance you have seen was actually one performance, called “KAFKA-Listening to the Winds”, a site-specific dance theatre, organized by Comuna de Pedra. As it was a site-specific dance work, so why the dancers have performed in various spaces, including the two exhibition venues. The performance is inspired by renowned Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s novels.

Q: What do you feel about the GZ Art Exhibition this time? Is it the first time you held art exhibition in GZ?

B: I feel it is a good opportunity to exhibit Macau video works to GZ audience, particular to the students. Yes, it is my first time to curate a show over there, but it was my second time to show my work in GZ.

Q: Do you have any coming up plan for art display or show?

B: My solo exhibition will be held in June 28, in St. Paul Fine Art, Macau organized by AFA society. And I will curate a video art activity at the end of this year.