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Oct-Dec 2002


Cover Story:

- 681 Graduates Bid Farewell at Graduation

- Speech by Rector and Professor Iu Vai Pan

On Campus
- Hailing the Homecoming of Macao Bred Distinguished
- Devoting Efforts to the Development of Research on
Chinese Medicine
- The 16th National Conference on Hydrodynamics
- Information Technology Week 2002
- Supporting Local Creative Technology
- Seminar on Macao Economic Development and System Reform
- Speaking Out for the Revision of UM Charter
- Seminar on the Establishment and Concept of the
International Criminal Court 
Student's Corner
- Inauguration of the Internet Radio of the Faculty of
- Students of Communication Pave Way to Society by
Gaining Practical Training on Campus
- Debate Team Deluged with Awards in its Debut Year
- Raising English Standards through Competitions
- Ten Students Receive Awards
- Representatives of Sub-Clubs of Students' Union Meet with the Rector
- UM Takes a Seat at the XVI World Congress of Accountants
in Hong Kong
- Swimming Team Breaks Four Records
- Students' Union Hosts Orientation for New Students
from China
- Students' Union Celebrates the 3rd Anniversary of
Macao's Return to Chinese Sovereignty
Staff News
- Professor Lo Lam Fat
- Lecturer Pamela Au Chung To
- Professor Fan Jianhong
- Assistant Professor Kelvin Yuen Ka Veng
- UM's Hearts United for Charity Course
- Thirteen Staff Win Awards in the UM ISO Logo and Slogan Design Competition
- Staff Caroling for Christmas
- New Staff / Promotion / Change of Position / Resignation
Exchanges and Cooperation
- The 1st UM International Cultural Exchange Day
- Rector Iu Vai Pan at the UMAP Seminar
- Forging Paths in Portugal
- Agreement Signed with Chengdu University of Traditional
Chinese Medicine
- Cooperation with Fu Jen Catholic University of Taiwan
Alumni Network

New Board Elected for UM Alumni Association

- Bash on the 16th Anniversary
- Bonding by Bowling

Head of the Jilin Province Seeks Stronger Ties with UM

Cover Story:

681 Graduates Bid Farewell at Graduation

-We graduated

The 2001/2002 University of Macau Graduation and Honorary Doctorate Ceremony were held on 26 October 2002. The Chief Executive of the Macao SAR and the Chancellor of the University, Mr Ho Hau Wah, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Dr Chui Sai On, Rector Iu Vai Pan, Vice Rector Rui Martins, Chairman of the University Council Dr Tse Chi Wai, and other distinguished guests such as renowned mathematician Professor Yau Shing Tung and over 600 graduates attended the graduation.

Chief Executive Mr Ho said that it has been nearly three years since the establishment of the Macao SAR. Under the "One Country, Two Systems", with "Macao People Administering Macao", social stability has been maintained, and economic growth has resumed. In this process, higher education has played an important role, not only in supplying Macao with necessary personnel but also in promoting the social education level as well as the cultural consciousness of the whole society.

He further pointed out that the past gains and losses of Macao have a close connection with social intelligence level and the fostering, allocation and circulation of human resources. Today, Macao has found her new direction. Under this direction, education and knowledge are recognized as more important than ever before. Furthermore, facing the diversified challenges presented by this era, Macao is also required to prepare a more solid and creative educational and cultural foundation to realize the pursuit of the whole society.

Mr Ho indicated that Macao's higher education has significantly developed over the past twenty years. And this has made Macao a favourable base for international development. We need a university that is not only open and meeting international standards, but also in compliance with local characteristics and devoted to meeting local requirements. Higher education in Macao has great potential and a broad future. We believe that the University of Macau, entering its third decade, will make a weightier commitment to the development of higher education in Macao. It will also play a more active role in fostering the development of outstanding human resources for Macao.

Concluding his speech, Mr Ho told the graduates that time is passing second by second, stopping for no one. They must make the best use of their time, grasping the opportunities to develop themselves for their life and further contribute to the future of Macao.

Rector Iu Vai Pan deeply believes that quality and excellence in teaching, research, community service and university management reflect the true essence of the international recognition of a university. The University of Macau, as the leading higher education institute in Macao, is well prepared to undertake the challenge of attaining international quality.

The Chancellor also awarded internationally renowned Chinese mathematician Yau Shing Tung an honourary Doctor of Science. In the 2001/2002 academic year, there were a total of 681 students receiving their diplomas, which included two doctoral degrees, 90 Master's degrees, 398 Bachelor's degrees, 72 "Bacharelato" degrees, 34 postgraduate certificates in Education, 17 postgraduate certificates in History, and 68 certificates in "Introduction to Macao Law". After years of hard work, students reaped their reward. They were delighted in graduating, and full of hearty laughter. Graduates were taking photographs with their families, capturing memorable moments and making them lasting memories while turning a new page in their lives.

-Rector Iu Vai Pan presents diploma to the graduates.

-Chancellor Mr Ho Hau Wah presents an honourary PhD in Science to Professor Yau Shing Tung.

-An address is given by the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR and the Chancellor of UM, Mr Ho Hau Wah.

-Guests at graduation


-Rector Iu Vai Pan gives an address during the graduation.

University of Macau Congregation 2001/2002

Speech by Rector Iu Vai Pan
(Condensed Version)

I am honoured by the gracious presence of the Most Respected Mr Ho Hau Wah, Chief Executive of Macao SAR, in his capacity as Chancellor of UM to preside over the congregation for the academic year 2001/2002. Mr Chancellor will confer the honourary degree of Doctor of Science upon Fields Medallist Professor Yau Shing Tung, a world-renowned mathematician and a dear friend of UM.

Today we witness the awarding of two doctoral degrees, 90 Master's, 398 Bachelor's, 72 "Bacharelato", 34 postgraduate certificates in Education and 17 in History, respectively, and 68 certificates in "Introduction to Macao Law".

This year we have seen a significant increase of 18% in the number of local applications to our Bachelor's programmes. We received 2,462 and 1,477 applications from Macao and China respectively. In order to admit better students, higher admission scores were required. Hence, despite a big increase in applications, the number of new students in the Bachelor's programmes increased only 4%. Today, there are 4,645 students enrolled in UM programmes with 25 doing PhD studies, 852 Master's, 3641 Bachelor and "Bacharelato", and 127 postgraduate certificates.

Two years ago, a postgraduate studentship scheme was created to attract quality students to study in our Master's programmes and to assist in research activities in UM. The scheme has now been expanded and extended to PhD students. With the support and recommendation of the Ministry of Education of China, a group of excellent graduates holding Master's degrees from key universities in China have just started their PhD studies in UM.

Our continuous efforts in recruiting academic staff internationally and in promoting staff development through PhD studies have resulted in a significant improvement of the quality of our academic staff. The number of PhDs has increased from 100 in 2001 to 120, which amounts to 45% of the total academic staff teaching university courses.

In terms of curriculum development, we have spent considerable efforts in the revision of a number of our programmes, including the BA in Journalism and Public Communication, and the MEd in Educational Psychology and Educational Administration. We have re-offered the Master's degree programme in European Studies in conjunction with the Institute of European Studies of Macau and also the Bachelor's in Portuguese Language and Culture. Four new programmes, namely, the BSSc in Psychology, the BA in Portuguese Studies, and the MS in Chinese Medicinal Science and in Medicinal Administration, started this semester and drew a very enthusiastic response.

In awarding three gambling licenses, Macao faces an increased need for people skilled in gaming management. UM responded by organising a new programme in gaming management and developing study and research in gaming management. We have signed an agreement of co-operation with the University of Nevada at Reno and its world-renowned Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming. The new Bachelor's programme in gaming management is scheduled to start in the next academic year.

Some recent institutional developments in UM are the creation of 1) an English Language Centre to coordinate, enhance and provide more support to the learning and teaching of the English language; and 2) six laboratories including Automobile Engineering, Computer-Aided Civil Engineering, Telecommunications, Pharmacy, Pharmacology and Medicine Information. The establishment of an Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences has reached its final stage and will soon be in full operation for teaching and research in Chinese Medicine.

During the past year we set up an Ad Hoc Committee on Teaching Quality. The Committee has consulted widely before reporting its findings. We are in the process of deliberating on the report on teaching quality before implementing definite measures to this end.

As an indication of the quality of our administrative services, the General Administration Bureau, Computer Service Bureau, Personnel Office and Procurement Office, have received ISO 9000 certification, which makes UM the first higher education institute in Macao certified with the ISO 9001:2000 quality system. It is our aim to achieve ISO 9000 certification for the whole administration of UM within this academic year.

To further develop graduate education, we will set up a Graduate School which will provide the systematic auspices to monitor the progress of graduate studies and to promote standards. The School will enable the effective mounting of inter-disciplinary programmes and strategic alliances with other universities. It will also be a spawning ground for inter-disciplinary research, and especially mission-oriented applied research.

UM allocated MOP15 million for research in 2002. For the first half of the year, the Research Committee (RC) supported 32 projects and 39 participations in international conferences. For the year 2001/2002, the RC supported a total of 74 research projects. UM research resulted in over 60 papers published in international journals and 140 presentations at international conferences.

UM has been actively leading the work of Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering as well as the Institute for Development and Quality, Macau. Our department and staff have been providing consultancy services to government bureaus, public bodies, associations and corporate companies on various projects involving R&D, surveys and training. We participate in the provision of professional training for the unemployed as initiated by the government and have provided 300 places in five programmes. Through a protocol between UM and an overseas microelectronics design company, a high-tech microelectronics design company was established in Macao and is being run by a group of 20 young professionals who are our graduates. We are considering setting up a company to undertake consultancy work with the private sector so as to share our expertise with Macao society.

In the international dimension, we are active in the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP), the University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific, the International Association of Universities and the International Association of University Presidents (IAUP). In 2003 we will be hosting the board meetings of AUAP and the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities, and co-organizing the board meeting of the Association of Universities of Portuguese Language. Among other international conferences, we will look forward to hosting in 2003 the International Herbal Medicine Workshop sponsored by the ASEAN Foundation and the 9th International Conference on Enhancement and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering and Science (EPMESC). It is worth mentioning that the EPMESC international conference is the longest-running series of international conferences in computational methods in Asia, and UM has been participating in the organization since its inception in 1985. In the academic year, we had 91 exchange students come from over 40 universities of 11 countries and we sent out 87 of our students on exchange. Recently, we joined a University Presidents Exchange programme organized by IAUP that will facilitate a good channel for learning and sharing of the best practice in university administration and management.

We have drawn up a development plan for our campus, and I am happy that it has already been approved by the Public Works Department. The implementation of the first phase, comprising a classroom, office building and a student hostel, is expected to start early next year.

Finally, I would enjoin our graduates to maintain contact with UM. The awarding of a degree marks the completion of a stage in your education, but you will go on to another stage because education is a life-long process. Likewise, this marks the end of your association with UM as a student, but at the same time it signifies the beginning of your further association with UM as alumni. We are proud of what we have achieved, and we are constantly making improvements. You should be proud that you have graduated from UM. Come back and help make UM a place you can be proud of.

Finally, I wish you all good health, success and a boundlessly bright future.

Thank you.

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