Conference: 澳門大學產學研項目投融資對接及經驗分享會 暨橫琴 “私享匯”第二期

N1-1004 Guest House, University of Macau

Event Information

Event NameConference: 澳門大學產學研項目投融資對接及經驗分享會 暨橫琴 “私享匯”第二期
CategoriesConference / Symposium
OrganizerInstitute of Collaborative Innovation, Zhuhai UM Science & Technology Research Institute, Hengqin Financial Services Bureau
Date27 August 2020
Time14:20 - 17:20
VenueN1-1004 Guest House, University of Macau
Target AudienceAll are welcome.

Contact Person for Details

NameMr. Chan
Tel.No8822 4619
Fax8822 2456