MLC Lunch Seminar Series: Hotel Sustainability Practice

W33-G046, MLC Dining Hall

Event Information

Event NameMLC Lunch Seminar Series: Hotel Sustainability Practice
CategoriesSeminar / Lecture
OrganizerMa Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College
SpeakerDr. Bernard C M Cheng
Date28 August 2019
Time13:00 - 14:10
VenueW33-G046, MLC Dining Hall
ContentImagine you are going to spoil yourself with a weekend at a luxury hotel – you have a delicious lunch and do some long-waited shopping in the mall before you join an exciting show. It finishes with high energy and you decide to go and enjoy the hotel facilities. Later in the evening, you go back to your cool hotel room to unwind, sink in the comfortable sofa, watch some TV, relax with a hot shower and then collapse onto the bed for a nice night’s sleep.

This talk guides you through your weekend journey pointing out the sustainability features in dining, shopping, events and accommodation in a hotel. It also reveals the tremendous amount of back-of –house efforts to run a hotel sustainably. You will know what goes on behind the scene and I hope you will be impressed!
Target AudienceAll teachers and students

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NameJenny Ao
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