"Tea with Professor" by Dr. Chester Kam of FED

E31, Student Activity Centre

Event Information

Event Name"Tea with Professor" by Dr. Chester Kam of FED
OrganizerFuture Studies and Placement Centre, Student Affairs Office
SpeakerDr. Chester Kam (FED)
Date04 November 2015
Time16:30 - 17:30
VenueE31, Student Activity Centre
Content"Tea with Professor" is an informal tea meeting which a small group of students will talk to a professor on further study matters. Professor will provide guidance and advice on students' graduate study plan. For more information, please refer to the e-bulletin link: https://um2.umac.mo/apps/com/bulletin.nsf/showtopic/RKUN-A3F593

Target AudienceUM Students

Contact Person for Details

NameMs. Rita Kuan
Tel.No8822 4916
Fax8822 2367