1. 所有澳門大學教職員和全職學生均可參加。
2. 參加者應以負責任的態度給予建議,而建議的目的是為進一步改善大學的服務及大學成員的工作和學習環境等等。內容須涉及澳門大學的服務、設施、環境等方面。
3. 給予的建議須為原創,重覆的建議將不獲接受。
4. 建議不等同於投訴,此計劃不接受投訴。收到的投訴將轉介至有關部門跟進。
5. 只有合理可行的建議才能獲得接納和獎勵,是否合理和可行由大學有關方面決定。
6. 收到的建議由“好建議獎勵計劃”工作小組以不記名形式傳送至有關部門主管評核。
7. 獎勵分兩部分:即時獎勵年終獎賞,詳情請參閱《獎勵》
8. 參加方法和獲獎:登入“好建議獎勵計劃”的網頁,填寫“問題”及“建議”。參加者可在網頁上的“建議表”查閱得獎狀況。
9. 所有建議將以不記名形式在網頁“建議表”上列出。
10. 本指引不足之處,以澳門大學最終決定作實。

中 文
1. All UM staff and full-time students are eligible to participate.
2. Participants should give suggestions in a responsible manner. The objectives of giving suggestions are to further improve UM services as well as the work and study environment of UM members. The scope of suggestions must involve the services, facilities, environment, etc. of the University.
3. Suggestions must be original ideas. Repeated suggestions will not be accepted.
4. Suggestions are different from complaints and this scheme does not accept complaints. However, complaints will be forwarded to related departments for follow-up.
5. Only reasonable and feasible suggestions will be accepted and rewarded. The concerned authority of UM will decide whether a suggestion is reasonable and feasible.
6. The "Suggestion Scheme" Workgroup will anonymously forward the suggestions received to the related unit heads for assessment.
7. Rewards will be divided into two parts: Immediate Reward and Year-end Award. For more details, please visit "Rewards".
8. Participation Procedure and Reward: Login the webpage of "Suggestion Scheme", fill in "Problem" and "Suggestions for Improvement". Participants can login the webpage and check reward status in the Suggestion List.
9. All suggestions will be anonymously listed in the Suggestion List on the webpage.
10. UM reserves the right to make the final decisions on the matters of the scheme.