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Time 時間 Today’s Events 今日活動 Venue 地點
08:40 - 10:00FAH-CCHC Lecture Series - Looking Back in the Past 100 Years--A New Understanding of the May Fourth New Culture Movement
中國歷史文化中心名師名校講座系列 - 百年回望 – 五四新文化運動再認識
Colégio Diocesano de São José (5ª)
09:45 - 17:15FAH/PHIL Forum - "Macau and South America Forum on Chinese and Comparative Philosophy and Religion"
人文學院哲學及宗教學課程論壇:"Macau and South America Forum on Chinese and Comparative Philosophy and Religion"
E21A-G039, Faculty of Arts and Humanities
14:30 FAH-DCLL Academic Seminar: “The cognitive, genetic and neuroanatomical basis of Chinese reading” by Prof. Siok Wai Ting
人文學院中國語言文學系學術講座:“The cognitive, genetic and neuroanatomical basis of Chinese reading”- 蕭慧婷教授
E21-3118, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
16:00 - 17:00FAH-ELC Guest Talk – "Asian Beauty: Racism, Sexism, and Beauty Ideals"
人文學院英語中心講座:「Asian Beauty: Racism, Sexism, and Beauty Ideals」
E21-G036 Black Box Theatre, Faculty of arts and humanities
18:30 - 20:30FAH-CPC-IPOR: A1 Level Portuguese Program for Health Care Professionals (cont)
Instituto Português do Oriente (IPOR), Rua Pedro Nolasco da Silva, n.º 45-1.º
- 2019/2020 Admission to Bachelor's Degree Programmes for Mainland China Students (Application period: 02/05/2019-26/06/2019) (cont)
2019/2020 學年學士學位課程招生:內地學生(報名日期:02/05/2019-26/06/2019)
Online Application: https://reg.um.edu.mo/admission/nonlocal/mainland/news/?lang=zh-hant
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News & Upcoming Activities 新聞及活動預告 Dept. 部門
UM wins championship at debate competition on humanitarian issues
UM holds High Performance Computing User Forum
FLL Seminar: The Reforming Constitution and the Change of Order
法學院講座: 改革憲法與秩序變遷
五四滿百 又見北航 - 澳門大學國旗儀仗隊五四特輯|一
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Internal Notice 校內通告 Dept. 部門
The Commencement Ceremony of RC Life in CYTC 2018/19
2018/19 鄭裕彤書院生活結業典禮
PhD Oral Defence in Faculty of Social Sciences, by Ms. Tzu-Hsuan LIU, 10 May 2019, N6-2022
ATM service located at Research Building (N22) will be suspended from 7 May 2019
位於科研大樓(N22) 的自動櫃員機將於2019年5月7日起暫停運作
S8 Kou Fu Food Court will commence operation from 9 May 2019
S8 口福美食廣場將於2019年5月9日起正式投入服務
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Student Notice 學生通告 Dept. 部門
Outside Activity: National Conditions Education (Macau) Association: "Galaxy Macau Award - the 11th Knowledge Competition of National Education (Application deadline: 15 May 2019)
校外活動:國情教育 (澳門) 協會: "銀娛澳門盃 - 第十一屆青少年國情知識競賽" (截止報名日期: 2019年5月15日)
External Activity: CPTTM: National Popular Science Short Video Competition - Macau Regional Competition
校外活動: 澳門生產力暨科技轉移中心: 全國科普微視頻大賽澳門選拔賽
Morning Express: UM Today 《今日澳大》(for students), 07/05/2019
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