The Stage Management Programme (SMP) is established in 2015. This programme aims to provide UMacau students with practical skills and on-job training while studying so that they can gain more valuable working experience, professional skills and improve their competitiveness.

SMP trainees gain both theoretical training and hands-on production work experiences which encompass venue management, equipment maintenance, backstage and control room operation at Student Activity Centre. This foundation not only provides our trainees with a working knowledge of the technical aspects of theatre and other Student Activity Centre venues, it also develops problem-solving skills and their ability to communicate and collaborate with various type of event organizers, stage performers and professional technicians.

Furthermore, SMP also aims at enhancing students' competencies by holding different events like team building camp, field trip visit, tea meeting, training workshop etc. For outstanding trainees, they will be subsidized to the summer exchange programme. Through these, they can enrich their interpersonal relation, leadership skills and cultural engagement.

The training hours are flexible. Students can spend more time on campus if they have training inside campus, so that they can have more time to enjoy university life.

The following will be available for trainee of Stage Management Programme:

- Opportunity to build up self-esteem, maturity and interpersonal skills;
- Opportunity to have training and working experience in stage, event and production;
- Professional training arranged by Student Affairs Office;
- Enhance the competitiveness in the job market upon graduation

Enchance Four Areas of Competencies:

- Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork
Trainees need to cooperate with each other and venue users in every event held in theatre of Student Activity Centre. Teamwork is especially important for stage management. Thus, trainees can learn how to coordinate efficiently with others.

- Global Citizenship and Cultural Engagement
Outstanding trainees will be subsidized for summer programme, SMP trainees can get chances to explore and learn to appreciate different cultures from a global perspective.

- Leadership and service
Leaders will be selected according to the performance during the training. Thus, leadership will be cultivated and developed through the training and team building camp.

- Healthy Living
Students will have more time to enjoy university life when have training inside the campus. Also, we will organize activities such as tea meetings, team building and personal development activities for students so that they will be able to enhance their soft skills through the interaction with other trainees.