The Campus Training Programme (CTP) was established in the academic year 2010/2011.  This programme provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge into practical work. Students can utilize their spare time to gain real working experience through the “on-the-job” training provided by the Student Affairs Office as well as the participation at university activities.  It aims to enhance students' personal competiveness, and build up their sense of belongings to the University and the society.

Starting from academic year 2018/2019, there are three streams of trainees in the Programme:

  • Office administrative trainee – they are trained to assist in administrative work, frontline services, organizing activities, designing promotion materials, etc.
  • Masters of ceremony – they are trained to equip with knowledge and responsibilities of being a professional emcee. 
  • Activity ambassadors – they are trained to receive guests and assist in ceremonies with professional etiquette and communication skills.

The training hours are flexible.  Students can arrange their own training schedule to fit their class timetable. Training within the campus not only save lots of traffic, but also build up students' confidence, enhance their interpersonal skills, and increase the sense of belonging to the university.


    • Building confidence and interpersonal relationship for students
    • Providing valuable experience to students by offering “on-the-job” practice
    • Encouraging local students to work part-time on-campus rather than off-campus;
    • Creating a friendly, welcoming environment for guests, enhancing the image of the University
    • Enhancing students’ sense of belonging to the University


The following will be available for Trainee of "Campus Training Programme":

    • Opportunity to build up self-esteem, maturity, and interpersonal skills
    • Opportunity to have training and working experience in UM
    • Opportunity to take the training workshops organized by Student Affairs Office
    • Opportunity to participate in the summer exchange programme
    • Enhanced competitiveness in the job market upon graduation
    • Training stipend