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Register for the Whole Person Development Award Programme

Submit Activity Record:

  • Log-in to your personal page
  • Fill out the e-form on the "Submit New Record" of your personal page.
    • At least one proof of participation is required for each of the activity record.If you do not have any proof of participation, you may submit the Activity Declaration Form as proof.
    • Our programme ONLY accepts the following proofs for further consideration of approval of your activity record:
      • Certificate issued by the activity organizer.
      • Testimonial issued by the activity organizer.
      • Photo of you and activity details, for example: you are standing in front of a backdrop with activity name, date and time printed on it, etc.).
      • Admission ticket with your name and student I.D. number.
      • Completed Activity Declaration Form.
  • Some on-campus activities can be auto-counted into your record once WP workgroup receive the name list and record from the activity organizer (UM faculties or student organizations). Such arrangement will be notified during the activities. If you do not receive your auto-counted UM competencies score(CS), please contact the organizer.
  • All activity records must be submitted before deadline .

Check Your Activity Record:

  • Log-in to your personal page
  • Check the status of your activity submission on My Records
  • Check the progress of your "CS" development on My Records
  • You may print out "Report of Student Activity Records" on your own. Please be noted that information listed in this report are extracted directly from the entries submitted by you, you will be liable for the information accuracy of information shown.


  • The WP Workgroup will evaluate your "CS" development at the end of each academic year.
  • You will be awarded according to your "CS" development.