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Have you realized that university education isn't just about going to classes, studying for exams, and getting a certificate? Have you ever thought about how to attain a whole-person development during your university life?

The Whole Person Development Award Programme (WP) is an overarching programme that encourages all UM degree programme students to participate in different extracurricular activities, cultivating their balanced development in the UM competencies score (CS) areas (Citizenship with Global Perspectives, Cultural Engagement, Healthy Living, Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork, Leadership and Service), thereby also fostering their habits of life-long learning.


"CS" Areas of Development:

By joining the Programme, you are encouraged to participate in various on-and-off-campus extracurricular activities, which are grouped into 5 "CS" areas according to the nature of the activities. The "CS" areas are:

  1. Citizenship with Global Perspectives – Activities that develop your career planning and development, which also include activities related to further education, develop your intellectual skills and talents as well as your world view.
  2. Cultural Engagement – Activities that develop your art appreciation and artistic skills.
  3. Healthy Living – Activities that develop your knowledge about physical education, physical fitness and sports skills.
  4. Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork – Activities that develop your interpersonal skills and relationship, sense of belonging to the university and other social groups.
  5. Leadership and Service - Activities that develop your leadership skills or your sense of caring and love to others, including community and volunteer service.

Remarks: Only activities without academic credits or monetary compensation are eligible for counting toward the Whole Person Development Award Programme.


Scoring & Awarding System

Your participation in the "CS" activities, once approved, will be awarded with "CS" , which is your score in the programme. Once your "CS" reach the requirement of the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award, you will be awarded the prizes accordingly. And the most outstanding students will be awarded the Whole Person Development Award Scholarship.