US1: University of California-Berkerly

US1: University of California-Berkerly (2016) (1)

Cheng Wai Ian, Hena, Year 2 student from the Faculty of Business Administration and Cheng Yu Tung College would like to share her experience in UCB.

For many times I put on the headphone, with lyrics of ‘Amazing day’ by Coldplay running through me.
After all these weeks I can still be amused by every stunning sunset, here in the States.

In the renowned campus of UC Berkeley, I am not exaggerating that the lectures keep exciting new ideas
and views inside of me, and reminds me of how many great things can be built within the endless possibility.
It’s just super motivated to keep your mind fresh and inspired everyday.

Falling in love with the California thing can’t be easier. To me, it is more like living a life here than strolling
around; coz time seems to say, forget the world and its weight.


US1: University of California-Berkerly (2016) (2)

CHEN YUE LING, Year 2 student from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Moon Chun Memorial College, says:

People are nice here and we made new friends and receive kind help from them. Berkeley is a quiet and beautiful little town, different from big city like San Francisco and Macau. My feeling for the classes in UCB is that students here are very active and smart. The study atmosphere is strong and really has me involved. Here demands students to think critically and automatically about every kind of issues today. So far so good. I really love this place.



US1: University of California-Berkerly (2015)

Allison reflection in USA:

Hi everyone, this is Allison, glad to share my trip to you. I am having my summer courses in University of California, Berkeley.

I really enjoy studying here to experience a different style of education and making friends with students who come from other countries all over the world.

Before that, I have just been to Boston and New York for a week. These two cities really impress me and i have an excellent memory there.

To see a bigger world not only widen my horizon, but also challenge myself to exceed my boundaries and possibilities.