Linnaeus Univesristy

Sunny Wei Shanhe, Year 3 student from Faculty of Social Science started her summer programme in Linnaeus University, Sweden at the beginning of July!

I have spent a good time in Sweden in the past ten days. Linnaeus University locates in Kalmar, a beautiful city in the southeast coast of Sweden. In this programme, I met students from the US, Netherland, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Mongolia, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on. The university has arranged guided tours around the city so I got familiar with the surrounding in a short time. The classroom building is about 2 km away from where I live, so I chose to rent a bike and also rode my bike to many other places such as the bank and the supermarket. The weather has been warm and comfortable these days. The teachers and buddies in Linnaeus University are friendly and warm-hearted. I tried the Swedish food and played games with other schoolmates on the beach. On every Wednesday morning, there is a lecture about some special topics given by distinguish local people. During the weekends, there are tours to the nearby cities and Stockholm.

Sweden is famous for its glasswork and I study glass design in the summer programme. Most of the courses are taught in a place called Pukeberg, a small town 30 km away from Kalmar, so I need to travel by train. It takes about 20 minutes to go to class by train. In Pukeberg, I visited the glass factory and saw how the glassblowers make glass bottles. It is a marvelous experience. I also have the chance to visit the glass museum here. Later I will learn to design my own glasswork and I am looking forward to do so.


Chong Chi Leong, Year 4 student from Faculty of Social Sciences shared his experience in the summer programme of Linnaeus University, Sweden!

↑This is the main building where we have glass design classes. There are two floors and the space is quite big and bright. Also there is a big pantry that students can use.

↑This is an experienced glass blower making a bottle. The glass would become bigger and bigger by adding layers step by step. It takes 10 minutes or above to make a bottle which is in simple shape.

↑The price of commodities in Sweden is quite high, let alone eating outside So after school, we five students that come from UM would make dinner for ourselves. And by having dinner together, we have more communication and get to know each other quicker.