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    ISCTE, Portugal

    Ivy, Cheong Weng Hang, Year 4 student from the Faculty of Social Sciences started his summer programme in Portugal this month!

    Portugal is a very beautiful country. In this programme, I have made many friends from all over the world, and visited many old monuments like churches and castles in Portugal.

    The food here is also good, but the deserts are too sweet comparing with the ones in Macau. We enjoy eating out or cooking at our dormitory, since the environment is antique and well equipped. Joining the non-curriculum activities, we have been to Porto, Braga, Algarve and more, experiencing their culture and wonderful beaches.

    ↑Dormitory at a Monastery Monument

    ↑Egg Tarts of Belem


    Kaman, Chang Ka Man, Year 1 master student from the Faculty of Social Sciences started his summer programme in Portugal this month!

    I took this summer programme in ISCTE with the topic of "Persuasion, Choices and Consumer Behavior". The courses are well prepared with many group discussion and presentation opportunities. Besides the whole day class schedule, the buddies here will organize activities almost everyday after class. There will be dinners, games, town visits and clubbing.

    I enjoy the environment here and some breath taking views, where you can just look at it for some minutes and relax yourself, such as the riverside of Porto. I am glad that I have joined this programme.

    ↑On Campus

    ↑ Douro River at Porto / Scooter travelling



    CEAACP of the Universities of Coimbra

    Wendy Chan reflection in Portugal:

    In the Tróia summer school of Portugal , we can excavate many things, I can learn more about archaeology's things, for example: how to excavate, knowledge of archaeology, what tools it need and what reflection we have by excavating by ourselves etc... and some history about Portugal and Tróia.

    In the Tróia , we went into Roman ruins that was open for us in and allowed us for excavating their things and that's our pleasure!

    On the other hand, Portuguese people are so nice and active . They are so happy to help you when you need it.

    Finally, I love here, because it feel so happy everyday.


    Ivy Leung reflection in Portugal:

    I have been studying archaeology in Portugal for almost two weeks. We are well-treated here! Nice meals and accommodation! Every morning we go excavating and afternoon has around one hour lecture. On each Thursday, we have a full day excursion, so much fun here and people are very nice to us.