NL1: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 2016

Sunny, Nong Zhenzhen, student from the Faculty of Business Administration participated in the summer programme in the Netherlands.

She took the course Market Research and Fashion Sales which was really out of her expectation. What she learned in the two weeks was to publish her article in the fashion magazine and orgranize a fashion show. Please find her photos sharing below.


Victoria, Wang Yawei, student from the Faculty of Education would like to share her summer programme in the Netherlands with us.

During the summer course Practicing Human Rights in Urban Areas in AUAS, we are trying to find the way by social action, being and doing capability approach, some community-based research and creative methods to help people in certain community. Although we are outsider of this community, we could cast about helping them by pushing organizations or inspiring them to discover themselves which aims to let them reach self-development and community development. It is really a meaningful journey I experienced for two weeks here. The stories I heard about are really touched me; the people I met here really inspired me.