MG1: National University of Mongolia


MG1: National University of Mongolia 2016

Student sharing:

We stayed in Ulaanbaatar for a few days before we went to the countryside. In these days we visited some temples and historical sites to have general ideas about Mongolian history and culture.

Afterwards, we went to the countryside for our archeology and anthropology program. We lived in the tents set up by the Mongolian students. In the morning, we started to work at around 9 while the Mongolian students began at 8. Our task was to help them dig the graves and take away the soil and mud. It was interesting and fun! You would know your work was meaningful for archeological findings. Moreover, I learned a lot of interesting knowledge apart from my business major from the presentations given by the teachers and students at night and the conversations with them.
What made the experience unforgettable is not the hard time but the people whom we spent the hard time with. I am really grateful for all the kindness and care from these lovely people.
Living in a place in short of electricity and water, we cannot watch TV, play computers or cell phones or even take a shower. But we still survived and lived very happily. What companied us was the beautiful scenery, amazing nature and nice friends. I realized that the “modern” things like cell phones were not necessities in our life. Instead, we should be thankful for what we have now and understand the meaning of simple life. These three weeks in Mongolia have become unforgettable journey in my life.