FR1: IESEG School of Management

FR3: ESCE Paris

FR4: ESC Rennes School of Business

FR8: ICN Business School


ESC Rennes School of Business (2016)

WANG LIMIAN, Year 3 student from the Faculty of Business Administration and Moon Chun Memorial College would like to share their experiences in France with us.

I took the course Responsible management. Since this is my first time to take marketing course, I found it a little difficult at the first. But after few days, I adapted to the course gradually. I learned much knowledge and experience during the program. Last week we had a group exercise, which was not like what I usually did in Macau. We need to think about a new idea in 20 minutes! My team members and me tried our best and won first in our class. So excited! Final exam only takes up 50% of our total score and the rest are the presentations, both individual and team work. This criterion forces me to try my best in class discussion.


ICN Business School (2016)

GAO XINYING, Year 1 student from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Lui Che Woo College started her summer programme in France in June 2016!

This program is completely over my imagination, and I never expect it will bring me so many experiences. Besides the abundant studying courses, there are also many educational visits and tour. After this program, I changed my original points of view and started to think globally. I will surely join another summer program next summer!



IESEG School of Management

Hannah Cheng Wai Ian, Year 1 student from the Faculty of Business Administration started her summer programme in France this month!

I can never deny that staying in Paris for over a month is a super chic thing.

The real meaning of being in an exchange programme is to experience the culture outside the classroom, and explore the real normal life of Parisian. IESEG is a great university which enhances the communication of students from all nations, and it's fun to discover the differences yet the similarities among each of us.

This trip would definitely be a great one!


Tang Jiaying, Julie, Year 2 student from the Faculty of Social Sciences would like to share her life in France with us.

The life in IESEG is pretty good, especially the fantastic environment.When I arrived there, I was delighted because of the kindness of the French people. They are very patient on answering your questions. The classes are interesting and you can also access many people from different nationalities, and different background as well. It seems hard to be accustomed to the foreign life. However, if you deeply enjoy and discover it, you will find it is worthy of having the programs here.


Wong Kuan Kit, Anthony, Year 1 student from the Faculty of Business Administration had started his journey to France. Let's see what he would like to share with us.

I have been in Paris for a week more. It was very hot in the previous few days, but now the weather returns to normal and it is very comfortable. I have already travelled to most of the famous places in Paris such as the Louvre museum, Are de Triumph, etc. Paris is a very good place to visit, there are many historical buildings. I have met different cultures and nationality in the school and the city. Paris is more safe than I expected, just need to be careful and can have a nice experience in Paris.



ESCE Paris

Albee Lin Lu, Year 1 student from the Faculty of Business Administration started her summer programme in France this month!

I am enjoying my amazing summer programme in France. I chose LUXURY ACADEMIC as my major and I think this is the best choice I have ever made. In the mornings, I learn the knowledge of LUXURY with students from several different countries. I always expect the coming of afternoons. Professor takes us to visit stores, factories and museums about LUXURY. I have already visited BACCARAT, COLETTE, Champagne factories and so on, which opened my eyesight. This programme really gives me a unique experience that is not so easy to obtain. ——LIN LU, Albee