CA1: University of Victoria

CA2: University of British Columbia


CA1: University of Victoria 2016

Student sharing:

UVictoria provides an open and creative study environment.  For class work, we need to complete an essay, create a Linkin ID, write a final exam, and do a 15-minute final presentation. We also have plenty of outdoor activities and we have a three-day self-plan weekend to explore more about Canada.


University of British Columbia 2015

Lei Ka Man, Year 3 student from the Faculty of Law is eager to share her experience with all of us.

I am very happy to join the summer programme in the University of British Columbia. There are a lot of good students and they will help us to know more about Vancouver and the university. In this programme, I can use English more often. Because of the surroundings, I am very expect the school time. It is very useful for studying English. In the programme, you will know a lot of people who come from different countries. So it is a big problem when we communicate with each other in English. But it's ok, because we need to practice more!

I think that Vancouver is a good place to someone who wants to study English. Because Vancouver is a good place for those students who always use Chinese in their daily life! If you see the people who are Asian or not be Asian and they speak in English, they will be very kind of you! It is a good learning time. Finally, homestay is very wonderful. To me, I am so happy to choose the homestay. They are nice and they are very warm when I am in Vancouver, just be myself!


Wu Jia Hui, Year 3 student from the Faculty of Business Administration would like to share her experience towards the university and her homestay:

Now we are studying the Intensive English Program in the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. You can improve English a lot and the classes are creative and interesting.! People are very nice to get along with. You can make many new friends from different country in this summer program.

We live in the home stay houses which is also a good opportunity to practice your English all the time. We often share something interesting happen today and talk about the Canadian culture. In addition, you can see different culture combine together since Canada is a emigration country.


April, Li Ang, Year 2 student from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities started her summer programme in Canada this month!

I am in UBC attending the English for global citizen programme . The life here in Vancouver is great. Everyday in great temperature and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I met people from all kinds of countries here. In the class ,we talk about all kinds of topics everyday ,for example the women rights and the immigration. There will also be many activities to attend after classes, we went to Whistler mountain and enjoyed a 10°C summer with a peak BBQ. We also went to the Granville island, where there are many interesting things to see.

I stayed in the homestay family ,and they are really very nice. We went to their family parties together ,and by speaking English with them everyday really improved our English a lot.