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Smart Point (SP) is an incentive scheme that encourages UM students to participate in major activities in the University, thereby broadening their horizons and enhancing their sense of belonging to UM.



All current students of the University of Macau


Definition of Smart Point

SP is a record of participation granted to students after participating in assigned activities organized or co-organized by by UM departments/faculties/Residential Colleges (RCs) on campus. Students only need to register by using student cards during the activities then attendance will be recorded.


Guidelines on Smart Point

  • Each student will be granted a specific number of SP only after s/he achieves the minimum required participation hours of the designated activities.
  • The number of SP granted in each activity will be decided by Student Affairs Office (SAO) according to the duration, nature and importance of the activities.
  • Students may start to check their SP 15 working days after an activity at the student information web: 
  • SP could not be interchanged/exchanged/transferred among students.
  • The SP will be valid across academic years before graduation. 
  • The activities with SP will be announced through
    • E-bulletin Board
  • SAO reserves the right to explain and revise the programme without prior notice.


Application for Smart Point (For UM departments/faculties/Residential Colleges (RCs))

Please CLICK for the application (The activity should be welcome for all UM students)