In the early 1550s the Portuguese reached Macao, and with the permission of Guangdong's mandarins, they established a city that within a short time had become a major entrepot for trade between China, Japan, India and Europe and also the perfect crossroad for the meeting of East and West cultures.
With this special cultural background for hundreds of years, this piece of land has nurtured a symbiosis of cultural exchange, shaping the unique identity of Macao. "The Historic Centre of Macao" is living testimony to the assimilation and continued co-existence of eastern and western cultures in this small piece of land, which witnesses the success of East-West cultural pluralism.


The co-existence and the willingness of local people to accept different cultures also make Macao a popular choice for studying aboard. Every year, there are numbers of international students coming from different parts of the world, who choose to study in the University of Macau, Macao (UM), which is the leading Tertiary Education Institute of this Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. We, Student Affairs Office (SAO), on behalf of the University, would like to express our warmest welcome to you in being one of them and become part of us.
This page serves to provide information about the academic calendar, schedule, accommodation and facilities of UM, public holidays, living standard, transportation and weather of Macao. Besides, it also provides guidance regarding to pre-arrival preparation, study visa and after-arrival. In addition, it also introduces the services that SAO provides to International students, e.g. insurance, scholarship and financial aid, etc.