Depending on the individual needs of students with a disability, the University provides the following services and accommodations to ensure an equal opportunity to students.

  1. General Support Service
    1. Individual meeting with the students to assess their needs;
    2. Orientation sessions at the start of the academic year;
    3. Learning aids and equipment, such as a computer screen reader, magnifier, Braille display, and scanning machine;
    4. Handicap parking spaces on campus;
    5. Priority to on-campus dormitory;
    6. Special arrangement of course enrollment;
    7. Psychological counselling service; 
    8. Volunteer program to provide the students with daily assistance.
  2. Academic Support & Accommodations
    1. Upon the students’ request based on the students’ individual needs, the following academic support and accommodations may be provided, with the approval from the proper University authority:
      1. Special arrangement of examination time;
      2. Arrangement of special exam venue;
      3. Use of special equipment during exam. 
    2. The students may request the following academic support and accommodations directly with their teachers:
      1. Tape recording in lectures;
      2. Priority seating in class;
      3. Receiving lecture notes and reference materials ahead of time;
      4. Extension of deadline for class assignments.

        3. Barrer-Free Facilities on campus
        Please click HERE browse to the link from Campus Management and Development Office for details of accessibility optimization work and will be updated when necessary.