The resources listed here are intended to give readers information on the developmental and mental health issues faced by university students, but not to replace professional assistance. If you have any concerns or issues, we encourage you to contact our counsellors. The University of Macau is not responsible for the content of the linked web sites, nor does the information of the web sites represent the views of the University.


For Freshmen (給大學一年生):

a. University Adjustment (適應大學生活):

b. Tips to study in the University (在大學讀書的方法)

c. Tips to expand your social network and family life (擴闊你的社交及生活圈子)


For All Students (給所有學生):

a. Study & Test(Exam) Taking Tips (讀書學習及測驗(考試)準備方法):

b. Relationship issues  (人際關係問題)

c. Other issues (其它問題)

Managing a Busy Schedule for College Students:


Mental Health Issue (心理健康問題)

a. Addictive Behaviors (上癮行為)

b. Anger (憤怒)

c. Anxiety (焦慮)

d. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)(注意力缺失症)

e. Bipolar Disorders(雙極性疾患)/ Manic Depressive Disorders(躁狂憂鬱症)

f. Depression & Suicide (憂鬱與自殺)

g. Early Psychosis & Psychotic Disorders (早期的精神病及精神病患症)

h. Eating Disorders (飲食性疾患)

i. Grief & Bereavement (喪失親亡)

j. Sexual Assault/ Harassment (性騷擾/侵犯)

k. Sleep Problems (失眠問題)


Other issues 其它問題

Article 文章

Source 資料來源

How to use internet wisely?

University of Hong Kong

Other organizations that provide mental health information 其它提供心理健康資訊的機構