Entering university is a life stage that opens people to various opportunities: opportunities to education, meeting new people, learning new things, building self-confidence, developing self-image, discovering one’s potentials and actualizing them. At times, however, these opportunities may bring about psychological reactions such as frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, sadness, hopelessness, and anger that interfere with the pursuit of a successful and satisfying university life. Our counselling service is set up to assist students in working through these psychological reactions and seizing the opportunities to enhance their growth and development.

Counselling is a process in which a counsellor meets with students, aiming at enhancing their self-understanding and personal development, empowering them to cope with their problems, facilitating their adjustment to university life and assisting them in making healthy life changes.

You may benefit from seeing a counsellor if you:

  • Find it difficult to adjust to university life
  • Feel that you not performing well at your studies
  • Feel powerless in coping with your problems, such as interpersonal conflicts, trauma, situational stress, grief and loss
  • Feel sad, anxious, stressed, or troubled for a long period of time
  • Want to understand yourself more
  • Want to enhance your interpersonal relationship
  • Want to explore and develop your potentials
  • Want to improve your emotional wellness
  • Want to optimize your decision-making, problem-solving and stress management


Who Can Use It

We provide counselling service to all current students of the University of Macau.


Counselling Appointment

A counselling session usually lasts for about 50 minutes. If you wish to schedule an appointment with a counsellor, please contact our counsellors here. We will reply you within 2 working days to arrange the first appointment.

A personal commitment to counselling is crucial for success and we encourage students to keep all scheduled appointments. If an appointment must be missed due to illness or an emergency, please notify us as soon as possible. This allows us to offer the time to another student.

We do not provide counselling service by Email or MSN because confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in electronic communication, which can be monitored by system administrators and experienced computer users.


The First Appointment

The first counselling appointment is usually referred as the screening interview, which basically is a time for the counsellor to do some information collection about your situation. At the end of the session the counsellor will review with you the various choices available, such as having another session to begin counselling, referring you to group counselling or another service in the community, or suggesting some other actions you could take to improve your situation.