The Psychological Counselling Centre organises psychological awareness and personal enrichment workshops for UM students. Workshop topics include:

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Know Thyself through Personality Dimensions (PD)

Personality Dimensions® represents the next level of evolution in presenting temperament or personality theory. This dynamic tool is the culmination of the research and validation work that was done in Canada over two decades to support temperament theory, and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, and effective communication strategies.
Content of the Workshop:

      • Application on Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Explore values, traits and personal characteristics of different personality / temperament types;
  • Discover your core needs and potentials;
  • Have a better understanding on the communication style of different individuals;
  • Enhance the efficiency of team-work by applying each individual’s strengths.
      • Application on Stress Management
  • Explore values, traits and personal characteristics of different personality / temperament types;
  • Discover your core needs and potentials;
  • Have a better understanding on stressors of different individuals;
  • Enhance the efficiency of stress management by applying each individual’s strengths.

Target Participants: UM Students who are willing to explore self and personalities. Participants must be able to read English or traditional Chinese for conducting PD assessments.
Duration of the Workshop: 6 hours

Enhancing Your Psychological Wellness (Mental Health Issues and Basic Helping Skills) (2hrs)

      • General Psychological Health Knowledge (General Mental Health Issues)
      • Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Anxiety)
      • The Myth of Schizophrenia
      • Get Away from Your Negative Mood (Depression)
      • Application on Interpersonal and Communication Skills


Better Communication with Others (Conflict Management) (1.5hrs)

As a member of our society, we must learn how to effectively communicate with others and managing conflict. In this talk we will learn the nature of conflict, the comment conflict we may face in university life and our styles in managing conflict. When facing conflict, how can we better communicate and manage conflict? In this talk we will learn how to better communicate and handle conflict from the psychological perspective and the key points in it.
What is conflict?
Understanding the conflict managing styles
Steps for dealing with conflict
Conflict resolution skills
The art of communication
Target participants:
UM students who wants to improve communication skill or conflict management skills


The Secrets to Better Sleep (1.5hrs)

Whether you have high quality of sleep or not, understanding of sleep is essential for us. In fact, we spend almost one-third of our life time in sleeping. In this workshop, you can learn to understand more about your sleeping patterns and to learn about different ways to improve your sleep.

  • To understand your sleeping pattern and quality
    • To learn what sleep is
    • To acquire skills for improving the sleeping quality
    • To practice relaxation skills

Target Participants: Students who want to have a better quality of sleep


Turning Stressed into Desserts (Stress Management)

Stress is a part of everyday life and a normal reaction to the demands of university life. A suitable level of stress motivates students to work and drives performance, however, high level of stress leads to breakdown and to prevent you from reaching your academic and professional potential. Thus, the aims of this workshop at enhancing students’ knowledge about stress management by addressing the influence of stress, methods of stress management and relaxation skills.

    • To measure the level of stress
    • To introduce the influence of stress
    • To acquired stress coping strategies
    • To practice relaxation exercise.

Duration of the Workshop: 1.5 hours

Target Participants: students who want to know more about stress


Adapting to university life (Adjustment)

We will gain a lot of development opportunities in university, new learning form, new friends, new environment. Meanwhile, adjustment problems could accomplish with the new-gain freedom, autonomy and responsibility. We may feel lost, lonely, stressed and may even develop symptoms such as insomnia, social withdrawal. In this talk we will address the challenges we may face in social and study area, and possible adjustment methods.
Common adjustment issue of university students
Psychological adjustment methods
Resources in UM.
Target participants:UM new students


To love and to be loved” ( How to start intimate relationship, group)

Purpose: To explore the beliefs of love among different genders, improve the communication skill with opposite gender
Target participants: UM students
Date and Time: To be confirmed, total 4 sessions, 2 hrs per session (Participants must attend all sessions)
Quota: 8-12 students
Venue: To be confirmed, Student Activity Centre (E31
Format: Group sharing, card activity and games