We arrange internship in cooperation with faculties and employers to help students obtain practical experience and skills related to their studies and establish positive relationships with prospective employers.
Objective: by participating internship, students will be able to

  • explore real work environment in person and increase the understanding of workplace culture
  • enrich work and life experiences
  • put academic knowledge into practice
  • enhance self-esteem, maturity, and interpersonal skills
  • establish positive contacts with prospective employers

Internship Period:
Summer holiday: June to August (About 3 months). The period will be adjusted according to internship provider’s request.

UM non-final year students



Announcement of internship  details through Job Vacancy E-system and open for application

Mid Apr

Selection of interns

Late Apr – Early May

Internship confirmation

Mid May

Briefing sessions for interns (compulsory)


Commencement of internship

Early Sep-Mid Sep

Internship Evaluation Form submission                            

Late Sep – Early Oct

Distribution of internship certificate

Internship Guideline:
In order to better prepare for internship, please refer to our guideline