strategic planning and thorough preparation will ensure you a smooth application for graduate study!

Attend the Tea with Professors and Further Study Experience Sharing Sessions to explore your graduate study interest and define your goals.

Research graduate study information by visiting Reading Area and attending Further Study Talks.

Talk to further study advisors, professors and alumni to establish a wish list of postgraduate programmes.


Attend TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT or GRE Preparation Courses to refine your test-taking skills and register for required graduate admission tests.

Make contact with professors at your desired graduate schools to discuss your research interest.

Attend Further Study Workshops to learn how to prepare your application documents.

Ask for recommendation letters from professors who know you well.

Request official transcripts from Registry.


Schedule an appointment at Career Development Centre to review your application portfolio.

Submit admission application to graduate schools.

Apply to scholarship / financial aid.



Confirm admission offer and send a thank-you note to people who helped you throughout the admission application.

Make necessary travel arrangement.

Prepare yourself for a new stage of life!