About Us

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) provides student services and development programmes to help students enhance their whole person development, nurturing them to be future leaders of Macao and the world.

The SAO comprises of three sections: Student Counselling Section, Student Development Section and Student Resources Section.

The Student Counselling Section (SCS) provides professional services, including psychological counseling and further studies and career advisingstudent activities

The Student Development Section (SDS) provides student leadership and student development services/ activities and support to students including scholarships.

The Student Resources Section (SRS) provides general student and housing services and student activities.

Our Vision

The SAO works collaboratively to support the University's primary goal of educating the minds and lives of all students by promoting programmes, services, and interactions that enhance their personal growth.

Our Values

  • It is of utmost importance to provide services and development programmes conducive to students' future development.
  • To make every effort to provide quality and diversified services and development programmes.
  • To value professional ethics, team spirit, innovation and creativity.
  • To care about students' interests, demands and satisfaction.
  • To recognize the contribution and achievements made by students and colleagues.
  • To encourage lifelong learning and personal development and growth.