Call for UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellowship and Associateship - PDF


UM Macau Postdoctoral Fellowship (UMPF) & Postdoctoral Associateship (UMPA)



The UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellowship and Associateship is established under the UM Macao Talent Program by University of Macau (UM), which aims to provide support to individual faculties to sustain and strengthen their research capabilities as well as to build up areas of expertise.



-  PhD degree holders who have graduated within 2 years, or PhD students who are expected to graduate within 3 months from the application date;.

-  Applicants should have achieved outstanding academic records, including academic awards, publications etc. in his/her previous research experience;

- The UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellowship (Class A) applicants should graduate from top ranked universities or disciplines (i.e. Top 200 ranked universities listed in the THE/QS ranking, or those listed under the Double First-Class Initiatives and Programs in Mainland China).

Remuneration and duration:

There are two types of Postdoctoral will be centrally funded by one of the following schemes under the UM Macau Talent Program:

UM Macao Postdoctoral Fellowship (UMPF)

- Monthly remuneration of MOP40,000 (taxable);

- Annual conference/research travel allowance up to MOP20,000;

- Maximum contract period of 2 years.


UM Postdoctoral Associateship (UMPA)

- Monthly remuneration of MOP28,000 (taxable);

- Annual conference/research travel allowance up to MOP14,000;

- Maximum contract period of 2 years.


Online Application and Application Due Date:

Applicants should apply via:

Due Dates:

-  1st batch: on or before 15/02/2019

-  2nd batch: on or before 15/05/2019


Important Notice:

- Working permit must be obtained for non-local resident before commence their duties.

- The University will assist in providing on-campus accommodation (when available) and off-campus accommodation information.

- Applicants MUST indicate the full name of the Postdoctoral Research Advisor (UM Faculty member) and the Faculty/Institute that he/she has contacted in Part VI) Additional Information in the application system.

For any enquiries, please contact Miss Tiffany Chao ( or Ms Hattie U (, the Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office, University of Macau.